Friday, January 1, 2010

So in the spirit of adventure... Let's write a book?

Want to write a book? Well here is your chance to see what it is like.

So, this idea came to me as I am the father of three small children and work full time, and try to not bug my wife all the time! I am a published author and coming from nothing and still in the scheme of things I am still a nobody, I got my first bad book review!

I was not that shocked but it did give me time to think of all the crap and hardship I went through in writing, trying to get published, starting a small publishing house, and with my oh-so-calm-life this person seems to think that saying my book was... wait for it... THE WORST BOOK EVER! would break my heart. I look at this like a football player looks at a disapproving fan. If you can do it better, then by all means.

I will give her the grammar thing, but that is all, we all know, well maybe you don't. I suck at spelling and grammar, so if this blog offends your perfect English, well I do not care. I found a great editor and therefore she will fix anything in my books I need done, or so I hope.

In the light of new ideas I thought it would be fun to write a book on this here blog with all of you my 5 readers to look on and laugh at me and see just what it takes to do this thing we call writing!

The name of the book, believe it or not is: THE WORST BOOK EVER! seen on

I hope you like it, never mind, I hope you hate it and never read the book or buy it, Ha! Did I trick you?

To start this thing off I am sitting here with my back about to go out AGAIN! Don't know why, but I am in pain and am whining all about it, anyway... The first thing is to have a good subject.

Sweet, we got a dandy of a great subject! The life in the crazy life of a wanna be writer. Then I sit down and think of how I am going to layout this book, Chapters, yes, maybe section breaks like book one and book two, not sure on this one. I guess this can be part of the introduction, and each blog will be part of a chapter and off we go!

I hope this helps someone out there, or maybe I am only doing this in order to help myself, I think it will be a great outlet to rant about stupid people and the masses of readers that only want the next NYT bestsellers, TRY SOMETHING NEW! You might like it...


  1. They had a strong reaction, which is better than "meh." From my last royalty statement, I know 21 people bought my book from Amazon, but there's still no review at all. Nobody hates me!
    --Val Robertson

  2. Bummer, I guess a reaction is good even if it is a bad one. I laughed because her name is Englishmajor, what is a English major doing reading thrillers? Come on, pull out the old Shakespeare!

  3. To be fair, the kindle version is selling for 99 cents while the average kindle book price is about 10 bucks and climbing. This is a very aggressive price point and almost the equivalent of giving it away, which would artificially inflate demand. The print edition is ranked #1,799,901 on Amazon. While there are many distracting spelling/grammatical aberrations in Sweet Dreams, I do think the 'worst book ever' comment is a bit vindictive. How many other people do you know that have the determination to write and publish a book?

  4. I like the Kindle for it is like free advertising. I had the book at 14.99 for the last year and was selling about 10 a month. When the second book came out I dropped the first down to 4.99, it jumped to 60 a month. I think that I might be able to reach more readers and boost sales in my second so I drop it to .99 and this last month I sold over 350, and Dream On also sold a bunch compared to past months.

    I am watching to see how it does after the Christmas rush but even just yesterday I sold 20 in one day, I think it is a good way to reach people and get paid to do so. It is weird that hard copy's sell slower at least for me, but that is only on Amazon, I wonder if the Kindle will be the next thing and soon Amazon will sell more E-Books then hard copies like they did over Christmas.

  5. I deleted my first comment because I was not clear on that the 925 ranking Sweet Dreams made was the Amazon Kindle version. I also want this blog to be fun, and a help to other writers and readers. I only put up stats not to brag, believe me I have nothing to brag about... anything good that comes from what I have a hand in is by the grace of God. I just want people to see that there is hope and things you can do in order to market your books and make it in the publishing world. Any advice and help I give I got from doing it the wrong way or took it from others that are where I hope to be someday.