Thursday, January 14, 2010

CHAPTER ONE: Almost halfway there!

Went to Craig Zubers book launch party last night and had a great time. Met some great people as well as some I was glad to walk away from. It is funny how the very people who call themselves "Christians" and I use the term loosely, love nothing more then to stab others in the back laughing all the way. I have run in with this tolerant, kind, understanding crowd before and now their upfront boldness is downright rude. But I will pray for them anyway and hope they see that just because someone has strong convictions does not mean you shun them or put them down, I don't think Jesus Christ would, so therefore we shouldn't either.

Ahhh, so much better now, my rant is over and on to some tid-bits of blah, blah, blah.


Through trial and error I have learned that it is always better to do good research for the content of your story. In my case where it is fiction I have some leeway but if I am talking about a real place like New York I need to have streets, roads, buildings match what is there in real life. Example in my first book Sweet Dreams I had hills in New York and found out that the place is flat as in crazy flat no hills at all. So I changed it.

Have Google up in another window as you write or do the research before you do a scene, however you want to do it is great, just make sure you do so your reader will get a great read with fact to back it up.


This is not the case in some Sci-Fi or fantasy, you are talking about things that don't exist but still I would recommend basing some things on reality in order to make the story more believable.

Happy Writing!

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