Friday, August 9, 2013

Where oh where did Aaron go?

The Good, the Bad and the....wait, I forgot. 

The three of you that follow and read this blog might be wondering where I went. I sorta just dropped off the face of the blog world. I could say that I was hiking in the Swiss Alps or working on a cure for cancer but in reality I have been busy and yes a little lazy.

So to give you all an update on business and personal stuff... hold on here we go.

*Just finished my 7th novel, and got to work with the rockin cool Ellie Ann.
*Bought a 2013 Harley V-rod.
*Spoke for Amazon again, got to travel a lot last year and enjoyed all of it.
*Personal life got all messed up but is was for the best. Some things have to die before they can grow.
*Doubled our sales from last year--Woot!
*Hired Kate to all but run StoneHouse move ever.
*Dropped like 25lbs and back at the gym working on my one pack.
*Broke 100 titles for the publishing house.
*Crashed and burned on an Amazon ad mess...note to other authors, do not pay for ads on Amazon, it was a 30k lesson.
*Got myself some backyard chickens and a bunny...yeah call me Farmer Aaron.

There is some exciting stuff coming up so keep writing and learn fast.


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