Sunday, February 28, 2010

CHAPTER TWO: FEAR... And how you can fear the right way.

The media, I tell ya. How do I put this?


There, I said it! How is it we keep eating the pudding, drinking the cool-aid as my wife says. Do you not see how this keeps going on and on and on with the same old junk day after day and you keep believing it because it is new!

Come on people! The world is going to end because a wave is going to wipe out Hawaii, The H1N1 is killing your children, the Bird flu, the earth has a fever! And round we go. The only sad part is we the people take it all in like a spoonful of sugar. Come on Mary Poppins, keep it coming, Mmmmmm we like sugar.

The reason they keep reporting crap is because we eat it up. We live under the thumb of fear and it is all because we let it happen. You don't like the government? Guess what it is your fault and it is my fault. We let it happen. Don't like your job? Well you work there, if you hate it, quit and do something you like.

Here is a thought... As we are strapping knee pads and elbow pads on our kids so they can ride a bike and sticking them in a car seat till they are 18 and then making them wear a helmet when they drive, the rest of the world and the one we used to live in never did or does that and guess what? THEY ARE STILL ALIVE AND ANOTHER THING... YOU ARE TOO! And I bet you all did that and worse. We live under fear and Oprah and Dr. Phil the fat doctor that wants to tell you how to lose weight... never figured that one out, wants to tell you what to read, think, hear, feel, and believe.

Is this a rant? You bet!

Do you like living in the mockery of a country as we live in? The world looks at us and all the stupid things we care about and is watching as we fall and they shake their heads and say... "Well hos, they had it comin, did it to themselves they did."

You want to do something normal? Go out and play baseball in the street! The cars will stop or you can get out of the way.

Let your kid ride in the front seat... let your kid ride a bike without a helmet! You did? Well, guess that is not a good example, because you are an idiot! If you are eating what they are feeding you! Put the shoe on son, if it fits then kick yourself around the block.

Oh, and if you think I am being crazy... well maybe I am, but at least I didn't waste time in line to get a H1N1 shot that now we find out they used to test out on real people. Bahhhh, is it me or are we all gone mad?

Turn it off! Don't listen to them, it is all a game and they hold the rulebook, you my friend and the pawn. If you really want to tick off a sensitive rhino lover, then live your life without fear and it will drive them nuts.

This ends the rant, we will now resume our regularly scheduled program... tune in next time for Rant and Roll.

P.S. Oh and if this makes you mad... well no one forced you to read this blog... Ha... You know I love you... well most of you.

Friday, February 26, 2010

CHAPTER TWO: Night with Ellen Hopkins

So I was going to stop by a book signing at the library on Ustick because Ellen Hopkins was going to be there. I was on my way to a book group and thought it would be fun to check it out.

For you who don't know Ellen Hopkins wrote bestselling book such as Burn, Crank, Glass, Tricks and more. She is a teen sensation and her writing style is different and catching on.

I found out that she was going to be speaking as well so I bought two of her books and was waiting to hear what she had to say. I as you know have been working on my next novel and this one is for teens. I gave it out to a few people a few days ago to start getting feedback on the rough draft and the owner of Rediscovered books came up to me and said, "So I hear you are writing a teen book? From what I hear it is good..."

I was shocked that she knew anything about it but in this town things get around fast. I said it was still in a rough draft form and that I would let her read it as well if she liked. Then she introduced me the Ellen. We talked and afterward she gave me her card. I hope but am not holding my breath, but I hope she might want to look at my book and maybe give me some feedback on it. It was a fun night and even though I missed the book group I think it was worth it, you never know who you will meet that may change your life.

Thursday, February 25, 2010

CHAPTER TWO: Sniffing, coughing, farting, and looking good!

I was going to do some posting yesterday but felt something coming on, the old crud. This morning here it is in all of its glory. I have so much to do that i do not need a cold but when was the last time a cold set up a appointment?

I went to the Cabin last night and enjoyed the writing class that was put on. They hold them every 2nd and 4th wed. night of the month. I wanted to check it out and it was not to bad. The class was on poetry and that is not my style or something that I claim to understand.

One thing I thought was cool was the exercise we did to warm up the old brain cells. He had us write a short story using only subjects and verbs. So it went like this... He Jumped, He fell... and so on. Was very helpful because it got me thinking about the action and what was doing the action. Most of the other stuff is filler to make it read better.

Give it a try!

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

CHAPTER TWO: So you want to write a book...

Why? Why in the world would you want to write a book? I mean you pour out your heart and soul to people that will buy your work for .99 and then gripe that is was not the way they would say it and even your own family will not buy your book and want it for free!

Why? Are you crazy? Are you mad and like to work your tail off for no money and hang your self out for the world to see? Do you like your feelings hurt so much so that you of all people put your private thoughts into words for all to criticize!

Why? Do you find the need to put something down on paper so strong that you must, that you have to write or you will die!?! What makes you do this to yourself? Why go on?

Why? I'll tell you why. Because my heart and soul are out there for everyone to see and enjoy, because for only .99 someone can have a book to read and it may impact their life and way of thinking. Because my family may buy a copy and be able to say, "That is my son," or "That is my brother."

Why? Because I am crazy, and I like knowing that my hard work will amount to something that may last for centuries. It is not the money or the fame, believe me I do not do this for the money. I am addicted to the feeling and the idea that the world may see and read and be inspired by something that I wrote or said or did.

Why? Because I must, I have to write, I need to write and if I don't then I will wish to die, that my life may not mean as much without being able to live my life through the eyes of a book. After all is not this life because of a book, a word, one word spoken?

Why? Let there be light!

Sunday, February 21, 2010

CHAPTER TWO: Old man coming through...

So I can hardly walk, I worked out my legs the other day and this morning I just about fell over when I got out of bed. It is funny how 2 days later it hurts worse then the next day.

I am excited to send out copy's of mt teen thriller and get real feedback. It is in the rough draft form but this way I can change things before it gets to far along in the story. If anyone would like to read it and help me out let me know. I can e-mail you a copy and you can beat me up.

Saturday, February 20, 2010

CHAPTER TWO: Chicks with Sticks...

This morning I woke up or sort of woke up and made my way to the coffee shop to get some go juice. I was going to enter the hen house and I was the fox as it were. You think I joke, jest and jostle you about this, but I am not pulling your leg.

Sticks and Chicks is a book club of beautiful women in their prime, (How was that?) Who love to golf, drink wine, eat, and read books. I found out that this month the book they were reading was mine. I about spit up a great lunch when I heard this and prayed that this was all a joke or a bad dream.

No, it was in fact not a dream or a bad joke. So in the effort to preserve my small dying pride I called this group up and got a hold of a bubbly lady named CJ2. (CJ1 was taken by another member of this group.) CJ2 was glad I called and next thing you know I am on my way out for a ladies only meeting with the wine flowing and me the only male about to enter what may or may not be a dangerous situation.

I thought about wearing a polo golf shirt and sticking a golf tee behind my ear to make it look like I was the golf lover I was not, but decided this was reaching. I have hit a few hundred bucket of balls in my time and made it through 18 holes I think 5 times, (With a score of 98, take that!) But that was it for my golf experience.

By the way, I know this is not right as far as grammar goes and I may even have a few run on sentences but I really don't care and if you don't like it then move along sister... lol. That is for you. You know who you are... yeah, you. Anyway...

I brought a gift from my wife and scored there with the beautiful host. (Pouring it on thick are we?) Found out later she was hiding knives close by just in case I was a ax murder, you never can tell these days. We had coffee, great food and chatted it up like we were all old friends, well all of us but me, I am still young as fresh as a baby chick. I jest... The food was good and then out came the knives!

I dodged one from our lovely host, and out of the corner of my eye CJ1 and CJ2 were coming at me with broken wine glasses. I fell over backward in my chair as they descended on my flailing body. I fought them off one by one and in the end their hatred for my book broke their will to keep out of jail. I didn't see it coming but here I was cut up, bruised and bleeding with ten bodies lying around me and hot bacon still on my plate. What was a guy to do? Well... I had to finish the bacon and help myself to another cup of coffee. I mean it was all so good.

You see, this was not just your ordinary group of women posing as golfing buddies. These ladies were trained killers out for blood. I did what I did in self defense. Now blowing up the house afterward, well... that was just my mean spirit.

Thank for all the great feedback and I hope to do this again, but this time I will not be so nice!

Friday, February 19, 2010


4 years of not working out is not good. Karissa and I went and got a membership at a gym and I am on day 4. I feel like a 80 year old man after not that hard of a work out! What is with that?

I know that I am out of shape but can't the fat just leave so when I try to run on the treadmill I don't have to throw this weight around? I wish we got a few free pounds, you know like ten or so if you start working out just to keep you going. Kind of like a pat on the back for doing something and you can keep the weight loss if you work out for a month or longer.

So if you see me on the sidewalk with a walking stick and a limp it is because I cannot bend to get into my car and might be lost because the pain has got to my brain. Wave and then run me over and put me out of my misery.

Try writing about your day, maybe you can over dramatize it and come out with a good story.

Here is one. I meet other authors or want to be authors that instead of being happy that someone like me wrote a book they roll their eyes and tell you how much better they are at writing then I am. How they are going to be the next bestseller, how they will do this and that... I hope you do and wish you the best of luck, and I agree you may be a better writer then me, I never said I was the best and I of all people know I have a long way to go.



As you perfect your work for the next 20 years and search for that golden ticket lost in the bottom of a Wonka bar, I choose to try and work my little paws into the system and at the end of 20 years when your book is published and hits the NY bestsellers list I hope to be retired with 20-40 books out and a few on the bestseller list. Oh, and I am not afraid to fail... I do not mean this to sound like I am a expert or anything, I just have my way of doing it and you have yours. Only difference is, I wont post negative comments on your blog...

Love life, live life and don't worry about others who don't want to do the same.

Thursday, February 18, 2010

CHAPTER TWO: Slacker...

Yeah, I know I am such a slacker. I had a busy few days and was going to get on here to write something but went to bed instead. No, I bet you have never done that! Ha... I laugh...

Writing class, publishing info class, talk... whatever you want to call it is tonight. I was thinking about the different things and all the work it takes to write a book and go on to try to get it published and wondered if it is all worth it. That is why it is so important that writing is in your blood and if you do not do it your life would not be the same. Is there something driving you? Not money cuz that is not going to come until you have been at it for a long time.

That is all for now...

Monday, February 15, 2010


Got through the teen novel for the second time. Now time to send to a creative editor to have it torn apart and that way it will come out better. I feel okay with how it looks, some things need some work but I am having a hard time figuring out what to do with it now. I think some time away will do it and me some good. Now time to start writing book 3 in the WJA series.

CHAPTER TWO: Happy Birthday Klayton!

My son Klayton is one today. I wanted to say I love having kids and Klayton is a sweetie. I think he is going to be a lover for sure, the big blue eyes, the funny personality. Watch out girls!

I got much done in the writing world and now I am off to bed. Getting close and soon I will put it out there for some feedback before I go on with it. Keep watching.

Saturday, February 13, 2010


Should we as writers have a hidden agenda in our work? If so should it be there right in your face and out front where everyone can see or hidden under many folds and layers of story and plot?

It is hard to write and not have a point or something to say. I believe it is in our hearts to put down on paper something we feel is true and something we feel may better a person or a group of people. But what is the line of being a good writer to being a sermon under the cover of a story?

I would say as long as you are up front with your readers you should be fine. This word should is important because no matter what you do, someone will get mad. Writing is art, a freedom of expression and with that you will have your readers exercising their own freedom of expression in how they feel about your writing. Just remember reader, if you don't like the art that does not mean it is bad, it is just that you do not like ice cream when others may enjoy it. We are all different and like a painting some may hate and others will hear it speak to their soul.

Thursday, February 11, 2010

CHAPTER TWO: Dream On Warning!!!

Okay, I have got a few comments on my book Dream On and how it creeps some people out or they think I am a sick person for coming up with some of the things that go on in the main killers head. I am writing this for some of you that may need a little inside into where all this came from and maybe ease your minds that I am not a secret psychopath waiting to kill people in a dark alley after church on Sunday mornings.

I have a underlying Theme in all my books, the first one Sweet Dreams was asking the question: Is revenge worth it? In Dream On I am going into the mind of a killer and trying to show the two natures. This means that I believe that inside of all of us there is a evil beast lurking and just waiting for a chance to run wild and therefore destroy your life. This old man or other nature is pure evil and I think some of us think we are beyond this evil thing. We think we could never do some of the things that go on in this book.

Well let me tell you, we are all able and could do and become like the Red Dog. One little decision and there we would sit just like him. I think the reason this creeps some people out is that they can relate to some of his thinking, we see ourselves a little to much in his nature. I did not start out thinking that this guy would turn out as he did. If you have ever written a book you know that the character after a while will write themselves. All I had in mind was some little things and one thing lead to another and bam! We got ourselves one bad dude. Now to ease your minds I was getting the creepy feeling as well, I was the one writing him and I was taken by how evil he was becoming.

This will be the most intense book I ever do and I see in the future my subject matter may tone down but I felt that this subject of the two natures was one I had to write about. I wanted this to be one of those books where the reader felt scared not with the bad guy but themselves. We all need to be brought back down to reality sometimes and see what and who we really are or what we could be if it was not for the grace of God.

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

CHAPTER TWO: Think, think...think...

So think about it, no not say you are going to think about but really think about it. Are you going to do what you say you are going to do? Really? Poo would think about the honey pot, where it might be and true he was slow at times but in the end he did the right thing.

Writing is one of these things, you should think about it, realize you may make people happy and some mad. Can you handle someone hating your book? Can you handle a crazy fan who thinks you are some sort of hero? Both are wrong, you are somewhere in-between.

Monday, February 8, 2010

CHAPTER TWO: Trip to LA... Business and fun!

So this weekend I did not get any writing done as you may have seen. no blogging, writing, or much of anything else my somewhat normal life seems to hold for me. Karissa and I went to LA for a business/fun trip. I met with a printer and we went to a party on Saturday night and got to hear some cool music and got the chance to listen to some great authors read from their books.

Sunday morning I met with a author that I am excited to be working with in the future publishing some out of print books and I will tell you more as things develop. We got to go to do some shopping and cruse down Hollywood blvd. Went ate Sushi on the Blvd. And drove by some huge houses.

The thing I liked about LA was the way people drove, I mean I was in my element, in and out, speeding and if you cut someone off, no one cared, they returned the favor and no one got mad. It was fun and now that I am back in Boise I have to remember that the cops here pull over speeders. Bummer, it was fun and I hope to do it again very soon.

Question: Are bestsellers good books and does a bestseller insure that the book is worth reading? Why do some books make it and others don't? Do you want to write great or sell books? Can you do both?

Thursday, February 4, 2010

CHAPTER TWO: Do Not Read This If You Want To Have A Good Day.

I told you not to read this unless you want to have a bad day and be sucked into my bad mood and the spit and grit that will come form my frustrated mouth. I warned you and now you will have to suffer the consequences!

I get along with most people and try to be a good person, be nice most of the time and work hard. But there are some people out there that grate on me and because of their false, lying, backstabbing, self-absorbed, whining, so on and so forth minds and selves, I want to do things that I could go to jail for. You understand I am sure none of you reading this have ever thought this about someone...

Anyway, How lame do you have to be? Really, You think I am going to steel your dumb password? You really think that I am going to do to you what you do to me and others? You buy expensive hot tubs, $120.00 shoes, go out and spend like you are rich as the people who depend on you are out of work and starving as you go to the mall. Most people would have a hard time sleeping when they know that the money they spend on worthless junk is coming right out of a child's mouth. Keep it up, no really, you and your kind are the reason people have no faith in humanity.

I pray for you and hope that one day you will see how much you hurt the people around you, how out of touch with the real world you are and I pray you find a reason to live beyond your next vacation. I on the other hand am moving on, I choose to live above the low dark cloud that drains from your shallow life. I want you to know as of this point on I will not so much as think of you ever again, all out, all gone, and let all be the end.

So long and may others be so blessed as to never to meet you.

If you read this and can feel the emotion then I did my job. If you can feel the hurt, anger and pity in my words then I will be happy... is this true or a story, you make the call.

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

CHAPTER TWO: Busy as a bee in the spring...

Yesterday I had meeting after meeting and they were all great! I spoke at a writing group in the evening and I find that every time I get all nerved up and can't eat and afterward I am starving. In all the day was good and IO am planning for my trip to L.A.

It is Karissa's birthday on the 6th so we are going to make a mini get a way trip out of all the business. It will be nice to get away from the kids. They are fun and I love them, but sometimes I want ti kill them, well maybe not kill but something along those lines.

Had a good talk with another author about plot lines and the crazy teen market. I am getting very excited for my teen novel and I am going to have it ready for the creative editor by the end of this month. That is my promise to myself and I shall do it!!! Hold me to it, really, do it. If I don't have it done send me a rotten tuna sandwich, and sneeze on it for good measure.

Monday, February 1, 2010


Here we are one month down and I almost made it every day! So cool and now I need to come up with more junk for you five to read and maybe even be a help to someone. I know it has been good for me to have a place to rant, talk, get some thoughts out and now we are into month two. Only 11 more to go!

This blog is very sarcastic and cut it up kind of a blog! So do not go crying to me if you are offended or are hurt because I gave you fair warning. I am a writer and because of this I like to write what I think. I don't believe everything I write and neither should you. Sometimes I just go off because I am in a mood, like you never been in a darn tooten mood before... Ha

Oh... and I know I mispell wrds and dont make complettte sentnces butt who cares... I know i donnt.

So my mission to you this month is to build up the followers. So you good strong 5 see if you can get one friend to check out this here blog and at the end of the month we will have 10 of us, cool huh!

This week has so many cool things going on and I will keep you updated as they come on down the line, keep it up and remember... only you can prevent forest fires!