Saturday, February 13, 2010


Should we as writers have a hidden agenda in our work? If so should it be there right in your face and out front where everyone can see or hidden under many folds and layers of story and plot?

It is hard to write and not have a point or something to say. I believe it is in our hearts to put down on paper something we feel is true and something we feel may better a person or a group of people. But what is the line of being a good writer to being a sermon under the cover of a story?

I would say as long as you are up front with your readers you should be fine. This word should is important because no matter what you do, someone will get mad. Writing is art, a freedom of expression and with that you will have your readers exercising their own freedom of expression in how they feel about your writing. Just remember reader, if you don't like the art that does not mean it is bad, it is just that you do not like ice cream when others may enjoy it. We are all different and like a painting some may hate and others will hear it speak to their soul.

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