Monday, February 8, 2010

CHAPTER TWO: Trip to LA... Business and fun!

So this weekend I did not get any writing done as you may have seen. no blogging, writing, or much of anything else my somewhat normal life seems to hold for me. Karissa and I went to LA for a business/fun trip. I met with a printer and we went to a party on Saturday night and got to hear some cool music and got the chance to listen to some great authors read from their books.

Sunday morning I met with a author that I am excited to be working with in the future publishing some out of print books and I will tell you more as things develop. We got to go to do some shopping and cruse down Hollywood blvd. Went ate Sushi on the Blvd. And drove by some huge houses.

The thing I liked about LA was the way people drove, I mean I was in my element, in and out, speeding and if you cut someone off, no one cared, they returned the favor and no one got mad. It was fun and now that I am back in Boise I have to remember that the cops here pull over speeders. Bummer, it was fun and I hope to do it again very soon.

Question: Are bestsellers good books and does a bestseller insure that the book is worth reading? Why do some books make it and others don't? Do you want to write great or sell books? Can you do both?

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