Sunday, February 28, 2010

CHAPTER TWO: FEAR... And how you can fear the right way.

The media, I tell ya. How do I put this?


There, I said it! How is it we keep eating the pudding, drinking the cool-aid as my wife says. Do you not see how this keeps going on and on and on with the same old junk day after day and you keep believing it because it is new!

Come on people! The world is going to end because a wave is going to wipe out Hawaii, The H1N1 is killing your children, the Bird flu, the earth has a fever! And round we go. The only sad part is we the people take it all in like a spoonful of sugar. Come on Mary Poppins, keep it coming, Mmmmmm we like sugar.

The reason they keep reporting crap is because we eat it up. We live under the thumb of fear and it is all because we let it happen. You don't like the government? Guess what it is your fault and it is my fault. We let it happen. Don't like your job? Well you work there, if you hate it, quit and do something you like.

Here is a thought... As we are strapping knee pads and elbow pads on our kids so they can ride a bike and sticking them in a car seat till they are 18 and then making them wear a helmet when they drive, the rest of the world and the one we used to live in never did or does that and guess what? THEY ARE STILL ALIVE AND ANOTHER THING... YOU ARE TOO! And I bet you all did that and worse. We live under fear and Oprah and Dr. Phil the fat doctor that wants to tell you how to lose weight... never figured that one out, wants to tell you what to read, think, hear, feel, and believe.

Is this a rant? You bet!

Do you like living in the mockery of a country as we live in? The world looks at us and all the stupid things we care about and is watching as we fall and they shake their heads and say... "Well hos, they had it comin, did it to themselves they did."

You want to do something normal? Go out and play baseball in the street! The cars will stop or you can get out of the way.

Let your kid ride in the front seat... let your kid ride a bike without a helmet! You did? Well, guess that is not a good example, because you are an idiot! If you are eating what they are feeding you! Put the shoe on son, if it fits then kick yourself around the block.

Oh, and if you think I am being crazy... well maybe I am, but at least I didn't waste time in line to get a H1N1 shot that now we find out they used to test out on real people. Bahhhh, is it me or are we all gone mad?

Turn it off! Don't listen to them, it is all a game and they hold the rulebook, you my friend and the pawn. If you really want to tick off a sensitive rhino lover, then live your life without fear and it will drive them nuts.

This ends the rant, we will now resume our regularly scheduled program... tune in next time for Rant and Roll.

P.S. Oh and if this makes you mad... well no one forced you to read this blog... Ha... You know I love you... well most of you.

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