Tuesday, February 23, 2010

CHAPTER TWO: So you want to write a book...

Why? Why in the world would you want to write a book? I mean you pour out your heart and soul to people that will buy your work for .99 and then gripe that is was not the way they would say it and even your own family will not buy your book and want it for free!

Why? Are you crazy? Are you mad and like to work your tail off for no money and hang your self out for the world to see? Do you like your feelings hurt so much so that you of all people put your private thoughts into words for all to criticize!

Why? Do you find the need to put something down on paper so strong that you must, that you have to write or you will die!?! What makes you do this to yourself? Why go on?

Why? I'll tell you why. Because my heart and soul are out there for everyone to see and enjoy, because for only .99 someone can have a book to read and it may impact their life and way of thinking. Because my family may buy a copy and be able to say, "That is my son," or "That is my brother."

Why? Because I am crazy, and I like knowing that my hard work will amount to something that may last for centuries. It is not the money or the fame, believe me I do not do this for the money. I am addicted to the feeling and the idea that the world may see and read and be inspired by something that I wrote or said or did.

Why? Because I must, I have to write, I need to write and if I don't then I will wish to die, that my life may not mean as much without being able to live my life through the eyes of a book. After all is not this life because of a book, a word, one word spoken?

Why? Let there be light!

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