Thursday, February 4, 2010

CHAPTER TWO: Do Not Read This If You Want To Have A Good Day.

I told you not to read this unless you want to have a bad day and be sucked into my bad mood and the spit and grit that will come form my frustrated mouth. I warned you and now you will have to suffer the consequences!

I get along with most people and try to be a good person, be nice most of the time and work hard. But there are some people out there that grate on me and because of their false, lying, backstabbing, self-absorbed, whining, so on and so forth minds and selves, I want to do things that I could go to jail for. You understand I am sure none of you reading this have ever thought this about someone...

Anyway, How lame do you have to be? Really, You think I am going to steel your dumb password? You really think that I am going to do to you what you do to me and others? You buy expensive hot tubs, $120.00 shoes, go out and spend like you are rich as the people who depend on you are out of work and starving as you go to the mall. Most people would have a hard time sleeping when they know that the money they spend on worthless junk is coming right out of a child's mouth. Keep it up, no really, you and your kind are the reason people have no faith in humanity.

I pray for you and hope that one day you will see how much you hurt the people around you, how out of touch with the real world you are and I pray you find a reason to live beyond your next vacation. I on the other hand am moving on, I choose to live above the low dark cloud that drains from your shallow life. I want you to know as of this point on I will not so much as think of you ever again, all out, all gone, and let all be the end.

So long and may others be so blessed as to never to meet you.

If you read this and can feel the emotion then I did my job. If you can feel the hurt, anger and pity in my words then I will be happy... is this true or a story, you make the call.

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