Thursday, February 25, 2010

CHAPTER TWO: Sniffing, coughing, farting, and looking good!

I was going to do some posting yesterday but felt something coming on, the old crud. This morning here it is in all of its glory. I have so much to do that i do not need a cold but when was the last time a cold set up a appointment?

I went to the Cabin last night and enjoyed the writing class that was put on. They hold them every 2nd and 4th wed. night of the month. I wanted to check it out and it was not to bad. The class was on poetry and that is not my style or something that I claim to understand.

One thing I thought was cool was the exercise we did to warm up the old brain cells. He had us write a short story using only subjects and verbs. So it went like this... He Jumped, He fell... and so on. Was very helpful because it got me thinking about the action and what was doing the action. Most of the other stuff is filler to make it read better.

Give it a try!

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