Wednesday, June 23, 2010


So I have not posted anything this week because I have been so very busy. We are leaving for St. Louis Friday and will drive the 21 or so hours one way to go to the ICRS show. I hope it goes well and I am excited and scared all at the same time.

Got my new books back today from the binder and they turned out good. The new edit and all makes me happy not to have to worry about who reads them.

Ebooks are selling like crazy and I am working on a short story to post and get more stuff online.


Monday, June 21, 2010

CHAPTER SIX: The big times!

so this week is the week before the big show in St. Louis. We are driving from Boise and with a 24 hour ride one way ahead of us I find myself getting freaked out! We are bringing books and fliers, a smile and a hope that this does not end up being a huge waste of time.

But we got to try, we have some exciting things going on and with new books coming out almost weekly I am jacked up for the future. We have three E-books going on sale this week. One on the 24th, the 26th and the 30th. All excellent books and if you get a chance download them all and it will only cost you 3 bucks! What a deal!

First one is Renee Riva's "Farley's Five and Dime" on the 24th. This is a funny book for the ages of 6-100.

Then on the 26th is Robin Lee Hatcher's 4 in 1 novel "Home to Hart's Crossing" If you want a romantic heart warming read you must download this and you will be entered to win a free copy of the print version.

On the 30th is Donna Fletcher Crow's novel "Shadow of Reality" Mystery and romance all in one. Check them all out!

Saturday, June 19, 2010

CHAPTER SIX: The way of the Hand!

Because of the E-book wave and the new way people read books I am looking at the way I write in a different way. The 100k word count and the door stopper book may not be needed anymore. A smaller book that is a fast read in the E form may be just the ticket.

But can I do it? Not sure... I look at the sales and how the only thing keeping me from making more with E is the amount of titles I have to sell. Therefore I need more out there and so I have to write faster or write smaller and faster... hmmmm

This is a new way of thinking for most of us but if you look at the screen size on most E readers it is small and the page count is no longer a option. Maybe quality not quantity?

Nice thought though...

What do you like? A long book or one that is a quick read?

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

CHAPTER SIX: Bill Myers has a new book!

THE PASTOR His wife of twenty-three years has been murdered. His faith in God is crumbling before his very eyes. Now, with his estranged son, he sets out to find the supernatural stones spoken of in the Bible. Stones that will enable the two of them to hear the audible voice of God. Stones that may rekindle their dying faith and love.

THE TERRORIST He has also learned of the stones. He too must find them—but for much darker reasons. As the mastermind of a deadly plot that will soon kill millions, he has had a series of dreams that instruct him to first find the stones. Everything else is in place. The wrath of Allah is poised and ready to be unleashed. All that remains is for him to obtain the stones.

With the lives of millions hanging in the balance, the opposing faiths of these two men collide in an unforgettable showdown. The Face of God is another thrilling and thought-provoking novel by a master of the heart and suspense, Bill Myers.

Myers holds a degree in Theater Arts from the University of Washington and an honorary doctorate from the Theological Institute of Nimes, France where he has taught. As a writer/director his work has won 60 national and international awards. His DVDs and books have sold 8 million copies. His children s DVD and book series, McGee and Me, has sold 4.5 million copies and has won 24 Gold and Platinum ITA awards, been aired on ABC as well as in 80 countries. He has written, directed and been voices for Focus on the Family s Adventures in Odyssey radio series and is the voice of Jesus in Zondervan s NIV Audio Bible. His children book series, My Life As..., has sold 2.1 million copies. As an author, his children series have made the Best Selling list as well as seven of his adult novels. He has been interviewed for Good Morning America and ABC Nightly News. Several of his novels are currently under option for motion pictures including Blood of Heaven, When the Last Leaf Falls and his 12 part Forbidden Doors series (winner of the C.S. Lewis Honor Award). The motion picture, The Wager, staring Randy Travis and based on his novel by the same name, was recently released.

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

CHAPTER SIX: Facts by Bill Myers!

This was passed along to me and I thought it was good... Enjoy

Science and Christ's Miracles

I love science. For me it's a way of studying God's creation. Living cells, mind-boggling galaxies, sub-atomic particles, they all leave me in awe over God's creativity. And the more I study, the more astonished I become. But during the last century or two, we've seemed to turn things upside down. Now we're insisting creation is more real than the Creator. It's like saying the books I've dreamed up are more real than me.

Still, in one way or another, most of us have been taught to believe the only things that exist are the things science can prove. "If science can't prove it, then I won't believe it." Well, it looks like those days have come and gone. Take a look at a few examples. . .

Don't let the fancy name throw you. It simply describes a force we don't understand that connects objects in the universe like some invisible string. We can't see it, we can't measure it, we only know it exists by what it does. Here are a couple examples:

--A while back at a lab near Duke University, I participated in an experiment using something called a Random Number Generator. By simply concentrating, people can influence the way electrons fire within the machine. Somehow their thoughts actually control the electrons. No one knows how or why. They just do.

--Here's another, even stranger example of the phenomena. The exact moment we measure the spin of an electron, we force its unmeasured twin electron to instantly spin in the same direction . . . no matter how far apart the two may be from each other. Einstein called it, "Spooky action at a distance." My point? There's some connecting force that science admits it can't see, measure, or explain. But it's here and a big part of the universe.

But here's an even cooler mystery...

96% of the universe around us is impossible to detect. I'm not talking about far away galaxies, I'm talking about right here where you and I live. There is something surrounding us that we can not measure or even define. For lack of a better term, scientists call it Dark Matter and Dark Energy. The only way they know it exists is by its effects upon other things around us. Now think of that. At the moment science can only measure and define 4% of our reality. It is clueless about the other 96%. My point? Any person who insists they will only accept what science can "prove" is refusing to believe in 96% of reality. So the next time you're accused of being ignorant or close-minded for accepting something science can't prove (like God or Christ's miracles), it might be good to turn the question around and ask the person (politely, of course) who it is that's really being close-minded.

Physics and Christ’s Body

For years Christianity seemed at odds with science but now, as our understanding of physics grows, we’re discovering science isn’t disagreeing with Christianity, it’s just catching up. This may be a little tricky for non-science types and it may take a couple posts, but hang with me. For starters, let’s talk about...

Multiple Dimensions

Many theoretical physicists believe our universe is made up of at least 11 dimensions (some believe up to 22, or even more). Now it’s impossible to describe these higher dimensions since we have nothing to refer to (kind of like describing color to a blind person). So let’s deal with the 3 dimensions we do understand… length, width and height. Now, imagine there are 2 dimensional people living on your desk. They understand length and they understand width, but they have no understanding of a 3rd dimension. They can not comprehend ‘height.’ They have no ‘up’ in their 2 dimensional world, just back and forth.

You with me so far? Let’s go on . . .

As a person from a higher dimension, you can see everything they do on your desk (they can’t build a roof above to hide themselves because they have no ‘above’). Even if you are always there watching them, they could never look up to see you because they have no ‘up.’ You are always present, you can always see them, but they can not see or measure your presence. You might be described by some of them as . . . omnipresent.

Now, you could really freak them out by sticking your finger on your desk and “poof” part of you is suddenly there, then remove it and “poof” you’re suddenly gone (but, in truth, you are always with them). For years people criticized Christians for talking about Jesus’s resurrected body -- how one minute He would be there, eating and allowing the disciples to touch Him, and the next He was suddenly gone. They used to say Jesus had to be either a ghost or He had to have a real body, He couldn’t be both. Well, thanks to theoretical physics, that argument no longer applies. Jesus Christ was and is both. When He enters our 3 dimensional world His body is physical, when He ‘rises’ to higher dimensions He is still with us, but simply unseen . . . right along with angels and the rest of the spiritual world.

The same applies when people say Heaven doesn’t exist because satellites and telescopes haven’t seen it. Of course not. Heaven is not ‘up’ as in above. It’s ‘up’ as in a higher dimension . . . a dimension where God says, “I am with you always.”

Friday, June 11, 2010

CHAPTER SIX: Ebook Push!

Okay, here is the deal. Angela Abderhalden has a new mystery out called "Questionable Ethics" It is great and you will like it. We are going to do a E-book push meaning you need to buy and download her ebook on Amazon on the 15th! It is only .99 so it will not break the bank, now if you can put that on your calender and help to pass this along to your friends that would be great!

Thankx for the help.

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

CHAPTER SIX: New book you will love!

This is Robin Lee Hatcher's book we did through StoneHouse Ink. You can download the E-book or order the print copy on our website. Click on the title heading and it will take you to Amazon.

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

CHAPTER SIX: Peeping Tom...

So I have taken up the road, hit the hills, pulled the sword from the stone. The 3rd book in the WJA series is under way and I feel like I have some new life to put into it. I was in a funk on the thing and just couldn't get into it but after going through the re-edits on the first two it has got me into the story again. I hope to have the first draft done by the end of summer and who knows, maybe a fall release of book three!

Monday, June 7, 2010

CAHAPTER SIX: Ebook news!

E-book sales from the 13 publishers that report results to the Association of American Publishers’ monthly sales program rose nearly 252% in the first quarter of 2010, to $91 million, the association reported this morning. Growth actually slowed somewhat in March from the earlier two months, but sales still increased 184.8% to $28.5 million. The e-book gains were easily the biggest in the industry in both the quarter and March. The AAP added a new category in the month, downloadable audio, and sales from the 10 companies that reported results rose 32.5% in the quarter, to $16.4 million; March sales were up 29.3%, to $6.2 million. Sales of traditional audio were up 14.7% for the quarter and 8.6% for March.
For the quarter, sales were up in seven of the 14 categories tracked by AAP with the strongest gains among print segments coming in trade paperback, with sales up 23.5%, and higher education where sales increased 18.3%. Sales in the children’s/young adult hardcover segment fell 35.2% in the quarter, while paperback sales in the category were down 8.6%.
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Reader Comments:

This is great news and really indicative of the change that is occurring in the publishing market. And, it's analogous to change that's happened before: the Internet. Where the Internet (and the Web) changed the way we access and share information, so to is the e-book changing the way we consume books (perhaps it's all related as just "digitization"). But the important similarity is that it's enabling business models. Like the Internet spawned new opportunities, so too are e-books. My publishing company, Dime Novel Publishing (, is resurrecting the Dime Novel for the e-book generation. Our model is based entirely on the development of content for digital consumption (printed and audio). The growing sales of e-books, helped by e-readers and e-reader software (that is available on phones and other devices), is a validation that publishers like us will have a place in this new world.

Friday, June 4, 2010


Getting ready to do what they call i48. This is a contest where you make a video in 48 hrs. I am going to act the the writer and Andrew Garcia will be the video. It should be fun and also make this weekend very long, but it will be good press and exposure for both of us.

I will let you know once it is done...