Monday, June 21, 2010

CHAPTER SIX: The big times!

so this week is the week before the big show in St. Louis. We are driving from Boise and with a 24 hour ride one way ahead of us I find myself getting freaked out! We are bringing books and fliers, a smile and a hope that this does not end up being a huge waste of time.

But we got to try, we have some exciting things going on and with new books coming out almost weekly I am jacked up for the future. We have three E-books going on sale this week. One on the 24th, the 26th and the 30th. All excellent books and if you get a chance download them all and it will only cost you 3 bucks! What a deal!

First one is Renee Riva's "Farley's Five and Dime" on the 24th. This is a funny book for the ages of 6-100.

Then on the 26th is Robin Lee Hatcher's 4 in 1 novel "Home to Hart's Crossing" If you want a romantic heart warming read you must download this and you will be entered to win a free copy of the print version.

On the 30th is Donna Fletcher Crow's novel "Shadow of Reality" Mystery and romance all in one. Check them all out!

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