Saturday, June 19, 2010

CHAPTER SIX: The way of the Hand!

Because of the E-book wave and the new way people read books I am looking at the way I write in a different way. The 100k word count and the door stopper book may not be needed anymore. A smaller book that is a fast read in the E form may be just the ticket.

But can I do it? Not sure... I look at the sales and how the only thing keeping me from making more with E is the amount of titles I have to sell. Therefore I need more out there and so I have to write faster or write smaller and faster... hmmmm

This is a new way of thinking for most of us but if you look at the screen size on most E readers it is small and the page count is no longer a option. Maybe quality not quantity?

Nice thought though...

What do you like? A long book or one that is a quick read?

1 comment:

  1. I presently like a book
    that I can hold in my hand
    and turn the pages
    and put it down and
    read some more later.
    I don't like trying to read
    a book or anything
    for a long time on a screen.
    But I am "old" school.
    I don't think books as we know them will totally go away.
    So...its up to each author & each reader.
    Like when people have read a book, then it comes out in a get a shortened version.
    So...those are my thoughts.
    Mrs. S.