Monday, February 1, 2010


Here we are one month down and I almost made it every day! So cool and now I need to come up with more junk for you five to read and maybe even be a help to someone. I know it has been good for me to have a place to rant, talk, get some thoughts out and now we are into month two. Only 11 more to go!

This blog is very sarcastic and cut it up kind of a blog! So do not go crying to me if you are offended or are hurt because I gave you fair warning. I am a writer and because of this I like to write what I think. I don't believe everything I write and neither should you. Sometimes I just go off because I am in a mood, like you never been in a darn tooten mood before... Ha

Oh... and I know I mispell wrds and dont make complettte sentnces butt who cares... I know i donnt.

So my mission to you this month is to build up the followers. So you good strong 5 see if you can get one friend to check out this here blog and at the end of the month we will have 10 of us, cool huh!

This week has so many cool things going on and I will keep you updated as they come on down the line, keep it up and remember... only you can prevent forest fires!

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