Sunday, January 3, 2010


I sit here in Starbucks, the devil of coffee, over roasted beans and never comfortable chairs, but on a Sunday afternoon not much else is open. I am working on Airel and am trying to go through it before I send it off to the creative editors. Sometimes as I look at what is here on the screen I wonder who wrote this dribble and if I can turn it around. Some of it is good and I can see potential but it needs some work.

I thought back to the beginning of this process and all that I wanted to do and where I wanted to see this book end up. I think the teen market is a good one because us adults read a good book and it seems we like it and will tell maybe one other person about it. Teens however find something they like and hold on to your hats! It becomes a part of their identity and everyone must know what they thought and if it is good you might be looking at a great run.

I did a book signing at Borders in the Mall on a friday night and when I got there they had a table all set up with some of my books on it, and sitting behind this table was a man with his stack of books and he was reading some other book and seemed very comfortable. The store manager and I talked and I set up more books and this man acted as if we were ghosts and were of no use to him whatsoever! We talked not two feet from him and pointed at the books, picked them up, bumped the table, and this guy did not get the hint. So I went to get a coffee and as I thought about my next move I wondered if I was going to have to get in a fight to get this intruder out om my seat.

I looked at his long coat and his baggage that cluttered up the book table and wondered what he was thinking... Could he possibly think he was there first, so it was his chair? I thought about asking for his autograph and see if he would sign my book for me... I took a sip from my coffee... not a Starbucks thank God, and as I walked over the man looked up and as if falling from a dream world looked around and shook his head. Weird, how did I get here? Was I sleeping? Drunk? Drugged? NO I am just a Borders reader and I can sit wherever I want to thank you very much!

He then walked away after messing up the display as he dragged his bags over all the copies, he sauntered off into the sunset. I think they all leave into the sunset, because in reality they do not exist. Do they?


  1. Oh, they exist. But only to cause grief and disrepair for the benefit of personal satisfaction.

  2. Funny thing is that this is not the first time this has happened. One time in Missoula a lady sat and filled out a job application as I stood looking over her shoulder.