Monday, January 25, 2010


A day like today where the sun just won't shine, and if it can go wrong it just might... no, no it will and did go wrong! Not everything, I might be over doing it a little, but it felt like I was swimming up a river of tar in a boat made of superglue!

Not feeling great, kids are grumpy and Klayton it cutting some teeth in. This all makes it hard to get anything done and poor Karissa is under the weather as well. I must say here at the coffee shop I did get some work done but it is not enough time in the day to finish all i really need to do and I need to go home to tend to the madness!

So, how does this help you in your writing? Not sure, and at this point I don't care if you write another word! Ha, how is that for honesty and in your face love? I did manage to write in this here blog, so... I did something yes?

I am excited for my book and have been rolling ideas around in my mind about it all week. I think when I get a chance to sit down I might just have another 20000 word count day!

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