Tuesday, January 5, 2010



That's right, No, and to any other questions you may have the answer is the same! I find myself in a mood today, not a great one and the bummer of it all is I have no reason to be this way.

I am tired, grumpy, old, fat, and it is cold and raining out. Oh, and I don't want to write but know I need to keep it up in order to make the required headway. I did have a good start to my blue day, we watched BSU win last night and it was fun to watch them kick some frog butt! I went to a book club meeting this morning at 7am, I know who wants to think at 7am!

We had a great time and I meet some cool people. The mayor of Meridian was there as well as a bestselling author and the winner of season 2 of the Biggest loser! I think the high of a good start made the work and lag I am now in to seem that much deeper.

Well, enough griping, on to some help to others who might be feeling this same way after the holiday's. You get that credit card bill and pass out. If you are sleepy or just don't want to do anything but take a bath and fall asleep under a good book, well buck-up! Get out of your own head and get something done. Take the next hour and finish something even if it is small, in the end you will feel better and will be able to look back and pull yourself out of whatever you, me, and the dog fell into this fine day.

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