Monday, January 18, 2010

CHAPTER ONE: Read it out LOUD!

I am reading my teen thriller to my wife before bed and it seems to help. I think there is something to be said about how something sounds compared to how we think it should look on a page.

So, here in the world of my own making I think it would be fun to do things that will help and lead to better writing, and maybe I just tick you off, that will do fine as well. I like to make people mad every now and then, it is good for you to have a good old finger pointed at you!

Have you ever written a letter to someone when you were mad and never send it? I have, in fact I got one sitting on my desktop now and the person will never see it due to the lack of care to their feelings laced throughout the darn thing. But I guess it is better to get it out and not go off on the person in question, or should I send it? Hmmmmm Thinking... thinking...

Nah, but it is a good way to get some things off your chest, try it, you might find that your writing will improve what you have to put together thoughts when you are good and mad. Oh, then you can read it out loud to your wife or husband... HaHa. Now we are cooking with gas!

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