Thursday, July 29, 2010

CHAPTER SEVEN: A Real Review for I Am Legend!

I got this book from the library and in a audio form. The reader was amazing and brought out the characters so very well. I must say I was so pleased with this book, it was funny in a dark kind of way. His mind set and the internal thoughts cracked me up. If you have a little voice that you argue with you will love this book.

It goes something like this...

They will never get me, no, I am going to burn them to the ground, tear them apart limb from limb! I can't stand the sound of their voices, the moaning, the screaming and the clawing! Make it stop! SHUT UP! Stop whining you little baby! Get a hold of yourself, what if they never stop? What if they keep coming night after night and I go mad and run the streets begging them to take me!

Calm now, take it easy pal. Have a drink, it will be all- NO, a drink! You're kidding right? Really, drink and hide from the pain... no, not me. Never!


I give this book a passing grade, not that I am one to give a grade of any kind, but it was a fun ride!

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