Monday, July 19, 2010

CHAPTER SEVEN: Quit... or Else!

Writing is like walking down the road naked and about 50 pounds heavier and covered with zits wearing a comb-over. All your work, your soul is out there for all to see and read and criticize.

You are setting yourself up for open rejection, outright rage and small snickers at the mall you just know is about your book. People will start to look like tigers and crocodiles stalking you just waiting for the chance to attack what you dumped your life into.

Sound fun?

Well, i am being over dramatic but some of this is true. To you the fearful, the scared I say in a loud commanding voice as I wag my long bony finger in your face. "QUIT NOW YOU WORTHLESS LOSER!!!"

Why so mean?

Because some people will not get off their ever growing butt unless someone tells them they can't do something. You are to weak, to dumb and not the kind of person that could write a book. Really, sit there with the rest of the world and tell the same old lie that you are working on a novel. Sure, and I am getting skinny by being a member of a gym.

Being a writer is hard in that you are open to the world and they have no mercy, and it is hard because it makes you think and put something together. But my writing want to be friend, it is also fun, crazy and so very cool to be able to write for a living. Not to mention the fact that your work may be around long after you are dead.

Do you want to be just another voice in the mob telling their date that they are working on a book? you want that eye roll and the sure you are look? Or do you want to do something and not just say you are but do it! There is a reason writing a book is so rare and people think of you different because you did. Because no one does... well some do but not many.

Studies show that writing a book is equivalent to having a PHD in the public's eyes. Now you and I both know that this is not true and I know that I am about as smart as a toad, but that is not the point. you ever hear a doctor list his PHD and so on and lump being a author in with it? Nope, they will always say I have this and this and I am the author of...

Why is this? Well, gold is worth so much because there is not a lot of it. Same with authors, not many do so if you do guess what? You become something other, something more but even though it is only in someones mind it is still something you can do if you will only sit your butt down and start banging keys. Who cares how many you pound, just pound and see what happens.

Now if you are weak in the gut and want everyone to love you quit now. Do yourself a favor and get over yourself in ten years and come back and write the book. Or realize who you are writing to and focus on him or her, no one else matters, as long as that person likes what you wrote you are golden.

Quit i say... give it up! you don't have what it takes... Go get a normal job... or maybe i am just full of it... Maybe I don't care... maybe I am to busy having fun doing what I love...

Just saying...

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