Tuesday, July 27, 2010

CHAPTER SEVEN: How to sell E-books.

Write a good book.

Get a killer cover.

Set the price low. .99-4.99

Talk about it some on Facebook.

Blog and give people some info they want and need.

Do book signings and talk up other peoples books.

Be a voice and don't hide in a corner.

Have fun.

That is all I have, it worked for me and is still working so give it a try.

Oh, and a note to all the authors and publishers out there that think this E-book thing is going away or that there will always be books around. Pull your head out of the sand... no, never mind, keep it in, because the more time you are hiding from what is coming it give little guys like me more face-time online.

I call this the real estate lie. No matter who you talk to in the business it is always a great time to sell or buy a home. This lie matters not what the housing market is doing cuz they want to keep a job and get you to buy or sell. The same thing is going on here, the publishers and the authors that want to keep things the old way and feel good because they got a advance will lie to you and themselves saying that books will always be here. Yes, they will... just like records are still here.

Love ya!

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