Sunday, July 11, 2010

Chapter Seven: Let's just get it all out!

K people. Here is the low down, the inside scoop, the down and dirty on me and my writing, and the idea some people out there have... I must clear the air and hope everyone gets it even though I know I AM JUST BEATING THE AIR, AND I ALSO KNOW THIS IS A RUN-ON sentence... so there.

I hate, loathe, suck and otherwise do not like, or get English. I can't spell to save my life and if you ask me the difference between then and than or what is the proper use of a adverb or even what one is, you will find, I am clueless. I know this and most the world knows this as well.

Just not my thing, I am good at story and coming up with ideas, which is a huge part of writing. Finding a good editor that can fix my writing to a somewhat readable mess is a challenge. I never wrote a book before because of my lack of skill in the English language, until I heard a interview from some nameless famous author who said the same thing.

I was like, sweet! You mean you do not have to be the whole package? you mean I can get out all these ideas and stories and find a great editor and be a author? wow, life changing!

So here I am 2 years later and even though I know I am not the best writer and have a long way to go I still am doing well. People like what I write and seem to want to buy it, yet in this life there is always some person that likes to sit on the sideline all bent about their dream of having a book out there being overshadowed by me and my dribble. These unlucky souls think it is their lot in life to inform me of my bad grammar and misuse of 'then and than'. Do you think I don't know that? Ha, you are preaching to the guy who invented bad use of it, or and...

So let us all relax and give the poor guy a break, he knows he is suckky at all, and if your little dream of writing a bestseller is shot to ... uh pieces... because I am here and selling books you find sub-par, well... lets just say I am always learning and advancing in my work and as you perfect your epic novel I hope to have a hundred books out and in print by the time you make yours perfect.

Do I want to be a English master? Yes. Is my brain able to be a master? No. I will do the best I can with what God has blessed me with, and as I tune in and as my poor editor weeds through the mess I call writing I hope some may find joy and excitement in the stories I weave.

The end is this... I know... I know... so your corrections are noted and known, however I am not perfect and you are just as imperfect as I am. I figure if Steven King can have 2 typos in his, book 'on writing' none the less, and a sop like me caught them, there might be more that some perfect English Major will find. But he sells books and I hope to sell as many as he has, one step at a time. We all know you are much smarter then (than) me so let us be clear, I agree... happy? Good, now can we move on and have a little fun?

Besides... I am re-writing some English rules... and the first one I am going to change is then and than... we all get what it means, so what is with this spelling difference? So henceforth I will use it as EN all the time... The 2nd rule I am working on, and some major authors are with me, is the word Blond (Blonde) I use it without a E for a man and with a E for a woman... what say you to that?

Anyhoo... Thanks for your time and may you enjoy the ride and forget the long lines.


  1. Kathy HuddlestunJuly 11, 2010 at 2:34 PM

    Aaron: If at any time you want some English "cheats" I would be glad to help you. I LOVE English. My husband also hates it and struggles with it. SO there are certain rules in English I could maybe help you with so you would know proper grammar or spelling.

  2. Sweet... that would be cool... i am all up for learning new things. Just know... this mind is slow... lol

  3. How bout spelling than or then as just thn? Thn it really doesn't matter much, and you can't be caught out about it. And BTW, I will never criticize your grammar or spelling. Unless you deserve it. Ha!

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