Saturday, July 10, 2010

CHAPTER SEVEN: Price change with Amazon.

After Amazon changed the price that goes back to the author from 35% to 70% as long as the title falls into their requirements I looked at my numbers and decided to give it a try. I was a little scared to take me hot selling book Sweet Dreams from .99 because I thought I would lose the number of sales even though I was not making a lot i was reaching a lot of people.

I was selling about 1200 a month at the .99 rate and so I put the e-book at 2.99 which is the base rate for the new 70%. It has only been out for what... ? 10 days now, well so far I have been surprised. The book is selling better at the new price then it was at .99. How does that happen? I am over 500 sold this month and we are not even half way through, but we will see if this is just a fad or if this new thing will keep up.

Did the same thing with book 2, had it at 2.99 and put it back up to 8.99 and it is still selling just as well... who knew?


  1. Then is about time. "Then we went to the store."
    Than is a comparison. "I like chocolate better than vanilla."

    Careful of run-on sentences.

    You're a writer, right?!

  2. Wait... Really? You want to correct a blog where run-on sentences are fun and the then and than and lol and brb and ttyl and ur is all okay? Really?

    Well mr? Mrs? Hmmmm.... no name. Anyway, the fun with a blog is it is like a mind dump and as long as the reader gets the drift that is all that is needed. So Then and Than are not even part of a single thought that would flash through my mind, writing is about story and i am good at story, no one is the whole package and the ones who are never publish a book (see how I left the i like a i not a I?)

    Anyway blah blah... so what did you think of the post? Like it?

    I know English crazy people are screaming mad through the streets, but hey... life would not be fun if we didn't have a few crazies running around.