Monday, July 12, 2010

CHAPTER SEVEN: Deep thoughts with... you

Here is the thought pattern I get bombarded with. Now you tell me how to not go crazy if this what you listened to every day.

You suck,

You rock!

You should quit writing.

Your books are so cool!

Then and Than?

Write faster!

Well writing is a nice hobby, but keep your real job.

Here is a check Mr. Patterson.

You should write this way...

Keep at it!

This is the worst book ever!

You are my new favorite author.

You are raciest and use stereotypes.

You write to hard.

You write to soft.


Go baby go! (Karissa)

Don't unleash another tragedy on the world.

You should write this...

Be nicer.

Be mean.

Needs more interaction.

Loved the interaction.

Get a clue.

That last one was me... hee hee

To all my non-fans... You are way off... I only half suck.

To all my fans, I am not as good as you think.

To me and my own brain, forget both sides and just do it! Thanks Nike

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