Thursday, March 18, 2010


I have been in Orlando and I must say... It is crazy! The Asian people love us and want pictures as if we are movie stars. It is insane...

I am helping sell books and so far we have sold 1500 in two days, food is great and the hotel is amazing... Wish Karissa was here.

I will be back Monday and tell you all about it...


  1. I thought you must be very busy...
    since you haven't posted...
    Did you take your camera?
    Looking forward to reading...
    more about your trip.
    Take care,
    Mrs. S.

  2. Of course he did not take it! UGH!

    I wish I was there too =( Next time we will clear the calendar! Just no trips the end of July of Labor Day weekend!

  3. That's awesome Aaron, I hope you're really sucessful! Melissa and I consistantly pray that you are. Have a great time in FL. :)