Saturday, March 6, 2010

CHAPTER THREE: Oh what a beautiful morning...

The sun is out, the air is not cold and it is a Saturday. This is the kind of weather I love. Spring is trying to get going but there is still the threat of winter still not wanting to run away for another year.

Worked with Andrew on three book covers and I must say, we got a bunch done in 4 hrs. We are re-vamping a cover for Bill and one for Angie. I just hope they like what we came up with.

Yesterday we had a family night and went out to the Tacanos or whatever it is called. The place was so good and Kale was so funny. He would stand up on his seat every time the waiter came around so he could get some more meat. I think most of it ended up on the floor but he was so cute. The little guy just liked the experience.

After we went to Rediscovered Bookshop and lucky me a author was there signing books. I picked one up and got a chance to talk to him a bit. He writes YA adventure and has 10 or so books out. Can anyone guess who it was?

One of his books, the one I got is called IQ...

Well I am off... have a great weekend!


  1. You forgot the part about Kale being the only one who enjoyed the grilled chicken hearts! He even declared "YUM!" (YUCK!)