Wednesday, March 3, 2010

CHAPTER THREE: Bath and a Book and a Gun!


One of my writers goes in to the printer that I use or used to use and said printer tries to convince this author that they should not go with me to publish but them! I hear this from the author and because this person is my friend they tall said printer not to go there in so many words.

What is wrong with people? Do you have that low of a moral character that you have to steel people away because you can't stand other people to succeed? One thing you will learn is that people will hate you for two things:

1. If you fail.
2. It you succeed.

So I am going to take a bath and read a good book, I put the gun up for now but don't push me... I kill in my head and taking a action from your mind to real life is a short jump!

Lol... some of you are worried... heehee... Better worry, I do have a gun.. well not just one gun... come on over and find out!


  1. Aaron, I called some local printers for quotes on the book that I will someday get finished. One of the ones I called was Treasure Valley Printing. They called me back and identified themselves as Borderline. I didn't expect that, I have no idea about your relationship with any printer or publisher and I don't want to be perceived as picking sides or what not. All I care about is price.

    I honestly have no idea whatsoever about who the bad guy is in your post here, I just want you to know that whoever I print with it's only because they're cheap. If I wind up getting my little book printed with someone you don't like, please don't hold it against me. I don't know who the bad guys and good are in this story! :)

    If anyone is reading this besides Aaron, and they actually care, I'm not the writer in this story. I think Aaron is a great writer and can do a great job at pretty much anything when it comes to books (writing, publishing, marketing, etc), I'm just looking to go with a different publisher because of the category of the book itself.

  2. Np, No one is the bad guy, just I wanted to go with a Christian traditional publishing co and not a POD one. If you find a printer that will work for you that is great.