Friday, April 30, 2010

CHAPTER FOUR: Wind and rain

Was thinking about things I love, and how to look at something and explain it in different ways. One of the ways to make a book or a story come alive is to think about something like the rain.

Rain and the sound it makes as it hits the ground, the smell and the way it feels as the that of the day is forced away. I like to breathe in deep and it reminds me of my Grandfathers house where every morning it would smell like that. Fresh and clean no matter what was going on or who you were the rain does not care but falls the same. If you close your eyes and let the droplets touch your face, let them land on your tongue, taste them and breathe in the breath and sweetness of our creator. Does it get any better then a summer rain? I am not sure but I tend to think not, how can something so soft and wonderful fill my soul and when it is gone it leaves behind a bow of color.

Anyway, I love the rain, do you?

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  1. Well crap....I thought when you said thinking about the things you LOVE it "might" have something to do with me...guess not I am off to pout =(