Tuesday, April 27, 2010

CHAPTER FOUR: Here it is!

First off, if you don't like my church or someone else s church... KEEP YOUR MOUTH SHUT!!! You say you are loving and kind and are not judgmental yet you are the one who bashes on other churches and go on about all the terrible things they do or believe. Last I checked this is still a free country so think what you want but don't go all I am holy and loving and stick other Christians in the back as you say the words!

The church nursery is for your kids so they do not make noise in the service. They are for your kids, yes your precious little ones that will end up being influenced by all the other church kids. Guess what, you can't stop it, teach them to deal with others so they learn how too. If you keep them out of everything when they grow a brain they will hit the bar so fast it will make your head spin.

Second thing is how do you justify keeping others from getting what they need because of your kids and better yet you and your stubborn heart? Do you like knowing that the five rows all around you cannot concentrate because your kid makes noise and goes on and on as you sit there as if nothing is happening? What is a person misses out on the alter call... or fails to make that decision all because of you and your kids. God may have a few things to say about that and I am sure that is not what you want. Please for your children and for the rest of the people in the church put your little angels in the nursery. We have a name for what you are doing called the back row nursery... come on, figure it out or set up chairs in the foyer so we can all listen without you and your family. We all like you and all that but this is getting ridiculous!

And to top off the night we have a service dog. This dog is not allowed to bark, run without a adult, play, or do anything ten feet from the master. It cannot do anything but is learning to get the phone and the newspaper. How is this a service dog? Just saying.

Love ya!

I do write without much grace but this is the raw feelings without anything else. I am a patient guy and take a lot to get to a point where I will act and try to use good judgment. But sometimes things need to be said and if this offends you I am sorry, I am here to brighten a day and to connect with people by showing that we all feel the same way at times. If it was not for people there wouldn't be many problems and we wouldn't have a job. I find writing about it in this here open journal helps to put it all in perspective. Sometimes I look at it and say... you dummy and other times I say... you should have said that sooner. I have done many things in my life and one of them was not saying something and to this day I regret it. I will not do that again and when it or whatever it is may hurt someone and I can stop it I will. You only get one shot at this life and we should all make the best of it.

In all my biggest wish is that people will wake up and think! I mean so many things that are stupid are because people do not think. I get it, you want to raise your kids right... but look at the cost of this one soap box. You may hurt others... I understand you are hurt and the church that you thought was your friend did something real or imagined and you want to get back... but again look at what it is doing to you, you cut and kill everyone around you when we all still love you and are glad you are in a church you love.

Now the service dog... I don't get that. If I ever need one it better get me a soda and tuck me in at night...


  1. Aww babe! You say what the rest of the world thinks ...no wonder people go crazy when this is in their heads and then never let it out...

    Now if only the back row nursery people didn't think the internet was evil and wicked then they might read this...LOL

  2. Yep! I just got into it with someone who doesn't understand why people are offended by her nursing in the service. I was called a baby hater and that a nursery was unscriptural. Hogwash! If the pastor did not want you to use a nursery he would not provide one. All these ultra self righteous overly spiritual church members should just homechurch. You can't possibly be getting anything out of the service with Jr. sitting with you. And the people around you would get a heck of a lot more out of it.