Saturday, April 3, 2010

CHAPTER FOUR: Little bed big boy!

So we made the drive to Montana to visit the old in laws. Not old in age... well some of them are but old as in time... or age, whatever you like. Anyway, we are staying with B&R at their house in which we have the little ones bed which I think must be a single or smaller. Long story short we broke it... don't ask.

So this morning we took it off the frame and even with the bed on the floor we were afraid the thing would fall through and we would end up in the living room. The house is old and has lots of fun little things like that.

The weather has been less then nice, snow and cold most of the time, I hope the weather in Boise is just as bad... hee hee.

The fun of writing and helping to publish some others work is work but most of it is fun work. Working on book covers, getting everything online for E-books and the like. I am finding the E-book market to be the best so far, broke the 1400 mark this last month, I wonder where the top is?

Easter is tomorrow so I want to wish you all a happy Easter and remember why we enjoy it, Jesus is alive and the dumb bunny that clucks like a chicken was the best anyone could come up with to combat the resurrection... better luck next time world.

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  1. Hey...
    We are old
    complete with graying hair!
    Love having you all here!
    Mrs. S.
    P.S. Sad to see you go...8-(