Wednesday, December 1, 2010

CHAPTER TWELVE: Almost there!

This blog is almost a year old. The end of this month will be one year of blogging and it was filled with rants and posts and things of note and some crash and burns. I look back at how it all started and wonder if this was a good idea or some weird thing I thought of after watching a movie.

My plan is to break this up and release it as a eBook called The Worst Book Ever. That way if I get a bad review and they think the book sucks I will only laugh and say, "Well duh, did you read the title?"

Not sure what posts will make the cut or how it will look but in all I think it will at least make some, high-on-the-stool-literary-minds have a little heartburn. Will it make me a bunch of money? I don't think so, but will it be a ton of fun? Oh yeah.

From eBooks to why seat-belts are overrated, to what I might think at 2 A.M. This may prove to really be the worst book ever and thus dethrone my other books from that wonderful title. Should someone pick up a copy they will be sure to get a laugh and at times good info.

Here is to the future and to one more month of insanity.

Will the blog go on? Yes, I think it will and in the next year we will need to think up another crazy thing to do... any ideas?

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  1. Didn't the idea for this originally come from watching that Julie & Julia? If so I am sure another movie or book will spark something for you to do ... Maybe even blog about the current happenings of our life... now THAT would be an interesting blog... no one would know if it was truth or fiction...anyhow... I love you... For richer, for poorer, in sickness and health ...for better...for worse... for not crazy or just plain crazy... these are the Patterson adventures or not...they are ours... and here we are... we will look back on them one day with Thankfulness for what God has brought us through and hopefully with gladness for what He has brought us to... Love you with all my heart... Karissa