Tuesday, December 14, 2010


So, here we are looking down the barrel of the end of the year. Did you do everything you wanted to do this year? Did you write that book? If not why?

I, like you have a ton of reasons not to do what I want to do or should do. I look in the mirror and wonder if I will ever just do it instead of holding back. This year I did a lot, in fact, I did most if not everything I set out to do.

I do not say this to make you look bad or myself look good, but to help my little brain to kick it into gear as there is still one thing left to do with only a few short weeks left in the year. I have this hanging thing hovering over my head and I keep putting it off. Why you might ask? Well... maybe I just pull out a excuse like you do and carry on. Maybe I am scared or tired. Maybe I am just lazy.

Whatever the reason, the outcome will be the same if I do nothing. Will you have a book published next year? Will you loose that weight or quit that dumb job you hate? I don't know. Will I finish the two books I have been putting off? The answer is yes. How can I say this when I am scared, tired and lazy? Because I just told you. I put my own fears out there for you to motivate me and hold me accountable. So here we go and in the year 2011 I shall have three books published. Yes three.

Will I make it?

I say yes... besides... what's the worst that could happen?


  1. Ok for a second there I got a little nervous about what you want you were putting off...I just want to add it's not just 3 books they are three phenomenal books.

  2. Buddypal,

    You ought to read "On Writing" by Stephen King. Yesyesyes. You ought to. It's chock full of refreshing humor, encouragements, and cuss words that make you giggle. Merry Christmas.

  3. My first novel,REVENGE,will be coming out in January if everything comes together. I finally made this decision after reading articles from several blog writers, like yourself, encouraging authors to take the plunge and get their eBooks out to the public. I have three other novels lined up behind REVENGE. Thanks for your encouragement. 2011 should be a great year for many authors. Merry Christmas to you and your family, Aaron.