Friday, December 31, 2010

CHAPTER TWELVE: 2011 Here we come!

As we stare down the barrel of the end of the year I like most of you look back to the things I should have changed or done as well as the things I should do for this next year. Did I have a good year? Was it something I can look back on with a smile or a deep regret?

The new year holds not only great opportunity but a overpowering fear as well. What will we do? How will this not end up just like all the rest and drown in a sea of forgotten memories.

If I could sum up this blog and the year it has been in existence, I think I would say this is the year of the eBook. My life is so different because of them, they are not only the future but they will bend the book world forever. The age of paper books is on the way out, and the eReader is here. The question is do the future readers want eBooks, will the publishers get on board or keep hiding their heads in the sand?

In the year ahead I see one thing that I feel confident of, one thing I believe will happen even if everyone thinks I am crazy. eBooks will overtake print sales by the end of the year and in the end of 2012 almost every household in America will have a eReader. Think of the TV, it was something only the rich had and now it is in every home.

I plan in this next year to take this blog to another level. More Author interviews, guest posts and book reviews. The fun will continue and all my crazy mind games will keep going... or will they?

Happy New Year!

Now get at it!

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