Tuesday, May 4, 2010

CHAPTER FIVE: Race... not just for breakfast anymore!

Ever look in the mirror and realize you are the worst thing in the world? I did. I am a child molester, a wife abuser, a hate monger, a drug runner, a rapist, a murderer, a scumbag for putting the.... fill in the blank... man down, and all of the other things your momma warned you about.

Yes you know me... I am a middle-aged white male. When was it okay to drag all the racism and turn it on someone else so the people of color could feel better about all their past hurts? I know we all know about what happened and it would all go away and your deep wounds would heal if you would let it! But you wont, instead we have turned the race against all the white people and look down on them and we look down on ourselves because we don't have some sort of color in our bloodline.

Now who gets the job first? The guy with the other in his name. Why... government says you have to. I don't know about me but I would want to be picked for a job because I was qualified instead of getting a hand out because the government forced someone to hire me. I know this is harsh but think about this... I work hard and I have never owned a slave yet I have to pay the price for something someone else did and I am looked bad because of the color of my skin?

Hello... you didn't like it so when did it become right to do it to others? I didn't do anything... did you? Were you personally put into slavery? No... so how about we all forget it and live our lives in peace and I will be your friend and you be mine without looking down on the other. I do not look down on you... do you look down on me because I am white?

What will happen in the future if this goes on like it is... we will have a small minority... the whites. And we will finally stand up and say NO this is not right to hate just because you have some color in your skin and I do not, and this whole process will start over again but this time you will be paying my great grandchildren millions of dollars for something you did to their great grandparents. Round and round we go... time to stop the madness... you make the call.

Anyway... just the ramblings of a starved mind...

Think about it...

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