Saturday, May 29, 2010

CHAPTER FIVE: And the things I worry about...

I was sitting in a coffee shop watching a mom count from 6 down to 1 and then back to counting as her 6 year old child did whatever he wanted. She was sitting with a councilor who was going to help her with her child yet the only help she needed was a good spanking. I am not talking about one for her son but for her.

The way6 she spoke to him and how it was all if you do this I will do this, or stop or I will count... oh no not the counting! No wonder our children can only count to 6, that is as high as their parents get.

And here I was worrying about if I was teaching my kids to respect and to be kind to others and to learn to obey so they will grow up and be good people. I never knew that all I had to do was count! I mean wow, what power...

Anyway... blah blah...


  1. Hey...Mister Writer Man,
    I thought that was the way to discipline your child, by counting and such as being really sweet and saying please don't do that honey.
    Thats how I trained my children, especially your wife.
    NOT !!!
    What about the screaming child in the store?
    Get them out of the store and really deal with it!
    Yep, there are too many parents out there being too "sweet". No wonder their children say: "I hate you!". Really the parent must not love the child enough to discipline them properly.
    Take care,
    Mrs. S.

  2. I'm far from the perfect parent, I've made many mistakes, as we all have. But I work with kids daily, I have a daycare and my own little darlings and my theory is if you want your kids to repect you, then you have to show them what that is, give them a reason to do so. I tried the counting (although I only counted to 3) but what they need is for you to follow through. Don't warn. Don't patronize them. Kids are very smart. They'll manipulate you any way they can because that's what kids do. They're learning and trying to take control of their world.

    This was funny for me. I can see the mother and the child. My kids would have been leaving the restaurant. Period. If they can't behave, they don't get that privilege. A babysitter will do just fine.

    Mrs S. I love your last line.

  3. Oh boy! I never count but I do need to jump up more quickly to deal with things... a little better each day...