Tuesday, May 11, 2010

CHAPTER FIVE: Frustrated!

This dark hole fills my sun like a monster from the deep,
My soul is drained and there is no end to this sorrow,
Can I keep on as the rift grows?
Can I take more of this consuming fear?
Broken, rejected, tossed away and spit upon,
Nothing to hope for but the never ending dark void.

Time is not mine to hold yet I reach out for it in the night,
Around me the monsters lie in wait for the blood that is not mine,
They crush, steel, hurt, and mash as my bones grind to powder,
Shall I awake to a bright dawning?
Not this house filled with mirth and laughter,
It tosses the head and with jolly glee, mocks!

The end is bitter and full of wormwood,
holes fill the core breaking the steel rod across my back,
I take yet another blow as they sneer at my bent body,
Will this ever end?
Does the wing of grace extend to me or am I to be forever in the cold?
The weight of my bitter sorrow implodes my heart and crushes my chest.

Yet as this life, this world takes its knee on my mind,
It will never know, it will go on as if the life of itself is all that matters,
The monster will go on in short miserable steps not knowing that its pain is my own,
Will it rest?
Will I find rest?
I fear not...

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