Sunday, April 3, 2011

Tagging your book and eBook on Amazon.

So, you want to tag... or you don't know what a tag is. Why tag? Tag... that is kind of fun to say... ooohhh, a feather.

I'm back.

On Amazon tagging is a way to make one book tagged or related to another book. It is when you see a title and below that book it shows other books people bought as well or recommended. This comes about by someone buying or tagging a different book to your book.

I know I sound like I am a simple minded person but I just want to be clear on what we are talking about.

Now, tagging is powerful, the more tags you have the easier you are to find. You can tag your book to another authors books. You can also tag another author to your book and so on.

The idea is to make the connection. So, if you write thrillers you want to tag your book to another thriller writer, and one who sells well. DO NOT TAG LIKE A CRAZY PERSON! If you tag to 2 or more authors it may dilute and you don't want water down your focus. Try just one or two authors and tag your book to theirs and theirs back too yours.

Yes this is legal.

And okay.

The other thing is you have to tag your print book and eBook independently. All tags will not carry across from print to E. You will need to tag your Ride-The-Wave author as well print and E.

Amazon also has sites in China, the UK and so on. All these sites are listed at the bottom of the page on Amazon. Just go alllllllllll the way down and click on where you want to go. You will need to tag your books in all these countries as well as they do not carry through.

All the sites will carry your print book but only the US, UK and Canada will have eBooks.

If you can't find where to TAG, just go to your book page and keep going down until you see Customer Tags.

If you still can't find where to tag... not sure what to tell you, find a 12 year old to do it for you.

Oh, and to tag all you do is type in your name on your big author's tag area, use your last name only, first and last and any other variations. On your book you do the same but his or her name, first and last etc... Click ADD and you are good to go. You will need to be logged into your Amazon account to tag, if you don't have an account you can make one. It is free and easy. Just try tagging and if you don't have an account Amazon will let you know and show you how to set up the account.

If you Tag it will help more people see your book by looking at another book. Thus you should sell more books, unless your book is crap, or if you have a bad cover or if you are just weird. Anything to help...



  1. On my already prodigious to-do list.

  2. this was already on my to-do list but I didn't even think about the other countries, etc. Thanks!

  3. Great tip - thanks!

    Hey, I was wondering if you'd write something about the difference between self-publishing and using a vanity publisher. I've heard a lot of sad stories about folks who get turned down by the "big six" and wind up with a vanity publisher that really takes advantage of them. They get no real benefit by being through the "publisher" and they lose all the rights and most of the profitability to their books. I've heard PublishAmerica is pretty nasty too and that some folks get suckered in by them and really regret it for a long time. Have you run into this kind of stuff much?

  4. Rick,

    Yeah, the vanity is about the same thing but with the idea you are getting a better deal. PA is about the worst, and we know the local one BL. Everyone needs to look at the good and the bad. Just don't sign up with the first publisher that comes along.

  5. Very interesting. Thank you for posting this. I didn't know one could do that.

    When the time comes, I'll consider tagging to your books :D

  6. "BL" is bankrupt - not hard to tell why!

  7. Tagging is a great asset. When I do reviews and interviews anywhere, I tag subject, genre, author and title.

  8. The big thing is to tag the same every time. Don't spread to thin. If you tag to another author make sure you only tag to 2 at the most.

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