Wednesday, April 27, 2011


If you are a writer and have been doing it a long time you might remember how writing one book a year was the goal. Publishing took FORRREEEVVVVERRRR, and some crazy writers would publish two or three books in a year.

Two and sometimes four years was expected to get your book in print and all the money it took to advertise, and go on tour and blah... blah... blah...

It was a game of polish, think... think some more and a writers life was filled with days on the beach, or out "Doing Research."

Now the game has changed. eBooks are taking over and the demand for content has never been higher. Readers are eating up books like hungry dogs. Sales are going insane and the chant is, "Where is your next book?"

It is numbers, content and how fast you can get more content out there. This, with trying to put out quality is the new era of writing and publishing. If you have one book you may sell okay, but if you have three or more you stand the chance to really make some money and build a huge fan base.

It is all speed, the eBook is NOW, the reader demands it NOW. You can publish an eBook NOW, and the more you have the more you make. It is an instant world and authors like J.A. Konrath, Amanda Hockings and Vincent Zandri are trying to keep up with the demand.

What should you do? Write faster, no more laying around or drinking coffee to be happy with one book a year. You need to do 2-6 books a year at least. Now, if you keep up with your hungry fans you stand to make a great living. We are no longer in the time of the easy writers life. So, if you have a short story sitting around... Publish it! If you wrote a story in high school... Publish it! Content, content, content! Back list, out of print, old works... anything and everything just get it up and for sale, you never know what book will take off and lead the change for all your other works.



  1. And, it couldn't happen to a better guy than Vince! It's good to know who's going to buy the brews now, Vince... Seriously, it's well-deserved.

  2. Yes Vincent... thank you for your wonderful books... I will be going on a shopping spree on you....hehehe ;)(well you know what I mean ;)

  3. Thanks guys...(wiping a tear from my eye!)

  4. Good word, Aaaron! And wow, Vince, you're a rockstar!

  5. Yes thank you vincent...(said as she replaces the bandaides on her bloodied fingers from all the typing) thanks for setting the bar. ;)

  6. Thanks for the kick in the butt!