Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Authors Note: How to use Facebook.

So you are on Facebook. I have a love/hate thing going on with good ol FB, but as an author in this new digital age it is a must.

Facebook can be a great tool if used correctly. however if you go into this super crazy site with no plan you will not only fail but may do harm to yourself and others. We are going to look at some simple things you can do to reach readers through FB.

First off, have a plan. Don't just go in and start talking, friending and going crazy. Think of why you are there. Is it to connect with friends or family? Is it to promote your book and yourself? If you are just there for friends I would say to only be friends with out of town friends and family. don't comment on everything and keep it light. More fights and nasty stuff comes out on FB because we feel the need to comment on EVERYTHING!

People are not supposed to know each other this well. We go from seeing someone once a week to seeing what they think about every subject known to man. This can be a shock and make you doubt who they are and what you thought you knew about them. Be smart and don't be a idiot.

Now, most of us authors are on FB to market, meet and reach out to people. We are looking for a way to gain fans and readers. To do this is a MUST if you want to sell books in this day and age. If you think you can be a successful author without being on FB you are wrong.

Here is some ideas to help you use FB in a good way.

first, find other authors that write the same kind of books you write. If you write thrillers find and be friends with thriller writers. Be focused and spend some time every day searching them out and interacting with them. This will help you to grow and other authors will start finding you. DON'T ASK THEM TO READ OR REVIEW YOUR BOOK!

You are there to be a friend, not to mooch.

Next, be a friend to everyone you can, as long as they are not a hooker let them be your friend if they want. the more the better. you can always go back to weed out the lame ones and clean house if you like. But to start you want numbers, readers. What will happen as you meet authors, their readers will find you and want to follow you as you write what they are interested in. This is the goal.

Don't get involved in Drama. I know, this coming from the drama, seeking, king! But I am not perfect, I am working on only getting involved in drama that I can win. eBooks, publishing and the like are all good drama. Get in and get dirty, but personal crap, stay away. Most of the stuff on my FB is not about my family or drama there, business, fun and funny. Be open but don't be to open. I love a good fight, but I choose to fight the Big 6. to fight the old publishing model and things I can change. Just remember to only get messed up on something that will better your readers and others.

Now the hard part. DON'T BEAT UP PEOPLE! What do I mean by this? Don't talk about you book all the time. reviews, blurbs, pictures, blah, blah, blah... I love books and even I roll my eyes if an author only talks about his or her book. Give them a break. They want to know YOU the author, what you do, what you like and how your real life is. Most people will know you wrote a book and if they like YOU they will buy your book. So relax, chill out and talk about your day.

I had one of out authors do this very thing and once they stopped beating up their friends their sales went up. So remember, people buy from people they like. If you are friendly and they like you, they will buy your book.

Post and be active. Don't just sit around or post once a week. You need to be on FB every day. I know, I know...Just do it... comment on others stuff, interact, be a part of the conversation. This is a family of sorts, be an active member.

Now, go out there and make some friends.



  1. I wouldn't say king of drama more like the general authority know it all of drama. But not the kind. Great Post AP.

  2. Great post with precisely described factors.

    Thank you for posting it.

  3. Thanks for this Aaron.
    I'm learnng marketing having uploaded my first novel "Call me Aphrodite" to Smashwords and Amazon. I am OK on blogging, learning Twitter but I know very little about how to use facebook. I like the idea of going on facebook as an author. I was wondering how chatting to my granny was going to help sell my book... :)

  4. I am not good at Facebook, but I believe I am getting better. It's nice to connect with friends who don't live by me ans see what they are up to. I forget to update my status and sometimes don't check it for days at a time. My wife is a avid facebooker (I call her a pro) and she gets mad at me for being on, but not interacting, which makes sense...like being at a party, standing in a corner and not talking to anyone. On that note, I am going to take your advice and start updating daily and following some authors...any suggestions on who would be good to follow?

  5. Ah, FB. What a perfectly devious way to waste precious moments. FB eats my life, some days. Tragic!

    As always, thanks for your opinions!


  6. SasMan, I would look for other authors of note. If you write mystery find writers like James Patterson, Dean Koontz etc... It is a start and as you look also reach out to the new authors and be a friend.

    J.E. Yes, it is a love hate thing. I do the same thing but I guess we spend time there or watching TV, at least FB might add to our book sales if we meet and build friends.

  7. Yes Vin we do and it starts " once upon a crime...."

  8. I've left facebook for family and close friends. I only post every once and awhile there about my book, and I'm afraid that if I get a fb author site, it will be just another thing to have to do. I'm just not certain yet what I want to do with facebook.