Thursday, September 2, 2010

CHAPTER NINE: weekend update...

So, here we are in the great state of Montana. It is Missoula the one city that has more bums and hippie's and bikers than dogs. Seems if you keep giving a bum money they tend to hang around... just saying.

trip went well, kids were okay and only had one child blow out his jeans with poop. Yes, I said poop. It was bad, just ask my wife, she had to clean it up... no way I am getting near that thing!

Ever hear of the family bed? It is where everyone in the family sleeps in the same bed, the kids and all! well, we are on this thing... sort of a mattress but smaller and it almost fits me by myself... so with Karissa and a kid or two on top of that... well lets just say, last night I saw Karissa sleeping half on and half hugging the side. It was funny.

Kale is in our upper chamber... (more like a closet jammed with sewing stuff, boxes and other things) and he is a loud sleeper with moans and farts and all that cool little boy stuff. He is supposed to be on the floor but he somehow ends up in our bed like thing every morning.

The bride to be looks like a Zombie that has not slept in weeks. I saw her floating around yesterday and I dodged her and ran away... better not to take a chance. So, far we only had one death. The brother of the bride was killed for mentioning that he did not want to pick up his tux on Friday, but wanted to do in in the morning. I saw it all... she was like "What?" and the blood started flying... now who is going to stand up in his place?

Not I...

I have managed to avoid knives, guns, and other objects that may be used against me in case someone in the planning or the wedding party finds out I might not show up... I was thinking of going to a movie... I heard that Eat, Pray, love was bad... but in my case it may be the best darn movie of the year!

Life goes on... well not for the poor brother but it was his bad... should have kept your mouth shut... bummer dude!

I'll let you know how the movie turns out...

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