Sunday, September 12, 2010

CHAPTER NINE: What to expect when you're expecting...

Are you expecting? Is the baby growing? I am not talking about a baby but a novel. The idea grows in your mind and you toil and labor to bring it to life and soon it will be born. Only there is one little difference. The friends and family will not coo and say how cute it is and in secret think that the poor child inherited all of the parents bad qualities.

A book is the inner most part of the mind and emotions and it is hard to let the thing go. And once it is out it is even harder to keep all the reviews and things said as business and not take them personal.

So, to help in the process here are some things to expect once your book comes out.

1. Lot's of pats on the back, hugs and "Good Job" and I can't wait to buy it's.

2. Even more of the above list but still not many buyers.

3. Some sales and some reviews start coming in, most of them good because they are co workers or friends.

4. The sales go up and you feel better about talking about your baby. The bad reviews come in, the more books out there the more people read and the more people you find who do not like your book.

5. Now you understand that this is not just a simple "Hey I think I will write a book" kind of thing. This is the real deal and you have to decide if this is a option for a lifestyle or just a hobby.

6. You make up your mind. If you decide to go on and write more and make a go of this thing you begin to dig deep and better your craft, market and attack!

7. If you decide to make it a hobby you kick back and may write one book every 5 years, sales dip and taper off.

8. We are almost at the one year mark, most of your friends have forgot you wrote a book and some of your family read the thing. But life is good because you are now selling outside of who you know... there is a future and it is bright.

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