Monday, May 30, 2011


Face it, we are all busy. Kids to take to games and school, work pressure, friends and family that all demand out time and energy. I work with books and the process of publishing everyday and as I am so busy with all the things that are normal in life and because of my job I find it getting harder and harder to write.

I got into this because I love to write, in face I make a living doing just that. Is it the perfect life? Close. But like most people taking the time to write for me, to work on my own books is very hard. So here are some tips on how to get going and plan to write.

First, have a plan. What time will you write? How long? Is it going to be a word count goal or a time goal? Will you write every day or once a week? Make a plan, if you don't you will never do it, as life will take over.

Once you have the time set and how long and all that junk, do it. One thing I have to do is on my writing day or the time before I write I must NOT check my phone, Facebook ,Twitter or any social media. It is to easy to get pulled into this world and miss out. I will end up working and not do what I was going to do...WRITE!

Don't get frustrated, go easy and just write. If you are not feeling it maybe work on a short story or on a different book. I write two books at one time that way if I get stuck I can go to the other book. Don't worry about how much you did, just do something! It all adds up.

So, have a plan, stick to the plan and don't check on social media. Get in your bubble, listen to music or go somewhere you can focus. And chill, enjoy the process and have fun. Before you know it you will be cranking out another book or your first book. The only difference between a published author and a writer who never finishes, is one had a plan and worked the plan.

This is simple but hard to do. I know I am not telling you anything new but it does work. I write my first book at the kids nap time and after everyone was in bed. If I can do it, so can you.

Now quit reading this blog and go write!


  1. You are so right! I'm the same way in that I write whenever my daughter naps and goes to bed at night. It's always good to plan out how much time you can write and how much you want to write. It definitely helps with stress. Nice post! :)

  2. Having a plan and getting into your space is important... but so is being COMFORTABLE! I love my room, but now that summer is hitting, we have 95%+ humidity on 90 degree days and just sitting in that room is so draining (NO AC)... I, for example, need cooler environs to work!

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    Adult: Shackled

  3. Good post. I agree a plan is necessary but it is also very good for the soul. I write for an hour every morning before anyone else in my house gets up. I have to go to bed earlier to do this but that is no bad thing. The good things are I love that hour of near silence writing; also I love going through the day knowing I have already done an hour's writing so no matter how much time I waste during the day I have achieved something.

    In the near future when my first book 'Call me Aphrodite' and my second which I am writing now, become bestsellers, I will still write during the first hours of the day when everyone else is asleep...

  4. I think you should let someone take your phone away for the day on the day you want to write... just sayin' ;)

  5. The digital world is time vacuum for writers. Recently I have given up my office to become my son's bedroom, so I've been a bit out of sorts. It's time for me to make my own plan, which will probably be writing late at night and being late for work in the morning, but I have to get these stories out of my head.

    Great post. Thanks.