Sunday, April 8, 2012

So you wanna sell a ton of books huh? (RANT)

*RANT! Warning RANT!
Sometimes I feel like this eBook thing is like going to Vegas. Authors from everywhere, are all on the plane whooping it up, drinking and full of visions of the money-filled pools of their future. But on the airplane ride back, sad faces and hung over looks cover the silent air like a wet, dream-crushing-blanket.

What is it all about? Why is the thought of quick money and no work get us every time! I mean we buy lottery tickets, pull the lever shoving more coins in, waiting for that chime to sound. Have we learned nothing? Are we all still just dumb drooling beasts looking for the next easy kill, only dressed in heels and designer suits instead of fur and loin cloths?

March was a stellar month for me, I know...lame, you SUCK Aaron and all that! I get it...I even get the nasty reviews some of you left, (I know it is another writer, the lingo gives it away). I mean, your book does not sell, or you think you can write circles around me. Well, you may be right. I never claimed to be a great writer, it is all a journey. Crap... now I am off target. The point is, there are so many writers, (I am not even going to call them authors as that would be giving them credit), out there, that are bitter, cruel, and just mean because they had a dream of hitting it big, and that dream is gone.

There are no shortcuts. No easy to make it, and even if you do make it there are some really lame things that come with selling a ton of books! (That sounds like a candy bar!)

Anyway, back to my killer month, Moved 11k copies of Sweet Dreams, 6200 of Airel, 1500 of Dream On, and 950 of In Your Dreams. It was amazing and my fans and a big way!

I know, this is a Rant and all a mess, deal.

So, good month, good year, and this year is going to blow your mind! I mean it...really. But what is the downside? Mean writers all butt hurt cuz their book has a crap cover? Yeah. Bitter indie peeps mad cuz they have the BEST BOOK IN THE WORLD, but it sells 10 copies a month? Yup. Bad reviews from someone who has left...just one review--on your book! Hmmmm...gee I wonder who that could be, a writer who made a new account just to leave you a bad review maybe? LOL So funny... I am busting up here! (I am not angry...just seems silly to me to go to all the trouble just to leave a bash...heck, you can do that here!)

What I am trying to say and have said so many times before, is this. You have to WORK! Day in and day out, re-edit, new covers, test, change prices, market, tweet, talk, be nice, deal with idiots, push, fight, write, sleep here and there, market more, try new things, fail, work some more and keep going no matter what happens! You can't expect it to come easy or for your book to hit, this is a game, learn the game, play well, and cross your fingers. (Run on sentence...I know.)

Work this like it is a full-time business, or it never will be one! You have to go at it like a pro, don't compete with the indies or self-pub crowed, you need to fight New York! go up against James Patterson! So your cover is better than some indie...big deal, is it better than Dean Koontz? I mean I want to own Twilight! Hang out with the people that are doing something, moving and working hard. Not the groupies that just leach off each other and never sell... (Free advice.)

OK, I know I am going off and I really don't know if this even has a point. But take from it what you will.

Oh, and LEARN! Take the SHU webinars, or some classes. This is your future, take charge, own it and lets make some waves!

Surfs up!

Author Aaron Patterson: Blog: The Worst Book Ever.


  1. Great Feature ,wrote by you.Thanks for sharing this to us.sell my house

  2. Well, it IS a rant, typos and all, but it's a good post, Aaron, and people who aspire should pay it some mind.

    Editorial note: Great opening metaphor of the trip to (and from) the casino, but lose the wet dream blanket reference!

  3. Lol...I did not see that Wet dream part, was trying to say wet blanket on their dreams...but the wet dreams is much funnier. lol

  4. Damn straight...Its WORK and you better damn love it or forget it. My book just released last month and I'm working as hard as I can to promote, blog, help other writers too, write a sequel, and edit another book to get published while working a REAL job. Not all I will do will work or be a good use of my time, but I'll keep moving forward

    The 5 star reviews are growing and I'm getting tagged on Amazon but I have to KEEP working it. It wont happen overnight..and I need another book out and another. I envision where I want to be in 2 years - and that's where I aim. And taking your seminars to help me get there quicker! Thanks Aaron
    p.s. and forget miserable, bitter people - I tell myself they're irrelevant and I'm glad I'm not them. We're all in it together. Other successful writers out there dont hurt us other writers - thats ridiculous. We should learn from each other and share the love.


    I gotta read it again. Hang on.

  6. Aaron, I have read some of your bad reviews. Bad reviews are more an indication of the writers mindset than a picture of the books contents. I completely agree with everything you said in this "Rant", and just wanted to leave my support on here. I for one, have never left a bad review, because the only books I don't like are the ones I don't read...

    Anyway, it was partially you, and partially Konrath (You were a guest) that inspired me to do things the right way. My first book made the best seller lists just 3 weeks ago, and you are 100% correct. It takes a TON of work. I will never bear ill will to anyone who succeeds at this. As a matter of fact, I will try to get close to them, and learn anything and everything they can teach me. That included reading their books...

    People really need to learn. This isn't all that difficult, but it is hard work. If you write it, they will come! I think not!

    Props on your success. Any secrets you want to give away, just get in touch with me, I am a great student! ;-)

  7. Thanks for your insight. You inspire me and answer a lot of questions I have swimming in my head. Thanks.