Monday, January 17, 2011

What, When and Where.


eBooks. We as writers and readers are not new to eBooks and if you are welcome to 2011. eBooks are the future and as we used to hear of .com millionaires we will soon hear of eBook millionaires. This world of electronic reading will overtake print books and is soon to be on everyone's lips.

Why? Because it is fast, easy and fun. Is that not what everyone wants? Well, with the eBook you have it all and we see by the numbers that as a writer you must bend and change with the market if you hope to survive.

Now here is the When:

As a writer and a publisher what and when should I put a book up and on what servers? Will some hurt me and will some just be a huge waist of time?

We all know about Amazon and B&N so I will skip them just fast enough to say the big dog is Amazon, go there.

The big talk today is Google books or rather eBooks. I am skipping this for now as there stuff is junk. All the uploads are a PDF and in this form the books will look and read like crap. Not to mention what is the advantage of having your book on this platform? I am not sure I like what I see here and hope they will soon have a ePub upload so we can at least control out content a little better.

Most of the books or eBooks on the Google site are scanned in and look very bad or convert over with errors everywhere, prime example are most of the free classics.


Where should I go? Amazon, they will be about 85% of all your sales. Next big dog is B&N, they will be a slim 10% and skip Borders (Kobo) as they will change your price thus messing up everything in a trail of bodies. The other 5% is with Smashwords and other little sites... oh wait what about Apple? Yes, what about them... so far they seem to not care about eBooks and the sales numbers and support seem to reflect this.

Now all of this is just my opinion so take it with a grain of salt. But if I were you I would focus on Amazon and beat them at their own game. Who knows maybe Apple will one day have a eInk eReader and take the eBook market from Amazon but they will have to want it.


  1. I have written my first novel and am halfway through book two. Your advice is extremely helpful. It is like hearing the pioneer report back on the brand new world. I am excited and packing my bags right now!

  2. Thanks for your impute regarding Google Books.I'm on the threshold of publishing my first novel as an eBook (Amazon, B&N, Smashwords,etc). Since Google came out with their Google Books announcement a few months ago, I've been wondering whether to also offer the novel through them. Your comments make me want to back away for the moment. Let us know if you find out any changes at Google that change your opinion.