Thursday, January 27, 2011

Guest Post by Ron Knight: Living as a writer

Living as a Writer

Authors can relate to each other like no one else. We support each other through the writing of books, marketing, and publishing. Authors never punch the time clock. The day turns into night, while our imagination continues to flourish.

Break tradition.

• Write about what you fear the most.
• Do not write everyday. Let the story build in your mind.
• Write about what you do not know. This will take more research, but you will expand your ideas.
• Distractions are part of being an author. Learn to write, despite what is going on in your life. If you wait for the perfect moment to write your book, you will be waiting a long time.
• Wherever you are writing, is the best place to be writing.
• Authors need to read everyday. No exceptions.
• Your readers are more important than your career.
• What a shame it would be if no one had an opportunity to read your book.
• You do not have to live in New York, Maine, L.A., or Toronto to be a successful author.
• Enjoy writing re-drafts. With each one, your book will increase in value.
• Writing a book is easy. (At least, it is easy for you.) The challenge will come when you have to market that book.

Here are more things to consider.

• Not everyone will like your book. However, there is a niche for every author.
• Feedback can be tough, but it is necessary.
• You are not wasting your time. Keep writing books, because when the world discovers your talent, you are going to be busy.
• Your first book will take plenty of time to write. With each book, you will excel.
• Professionals in the publishing industry will be the most honest about your book. Family and friends will be the most supportive.
• If you are stumped when writing, pick up a book and read. (Or, walk around the block.)

Whenever you are feeling dejected, read these words. This is all about you!

• I am not going to waste my gifts.
• The world needs my books.
• Everyday, I will do something to realize my dreams.
• My experience, good or bad, will be useful in my books.
• The only person that can stop me from becoming an author is me.
• I will make the necessary adjustments to improve my writing and author career.
• Experience = Wisdom.
• I am not going to regret what I haven’t accomplished yet.
• I am going to accomplish what I haven’t done yet.
• My big break will be just as rewarding as my journey.
• What I have learned, I can share with others.
• I am already successful.
• Ten million people will enjoy my book. I just need to find them.
• I am glad that my career will not take off in a day, or even a month or year, because I need the experience.
• My life can change in a day.
• How much money I make, will be determined on how much time I spend serving others.
• There are millions of books, but there are billions of readers.
• I may not be able to see the path, but I can see the destination.
• My future is based on my gifts and the avenue that has already been pre-chosen for me.
• The only sure thing is that I will not give up.
• It is never too late for me to have a career as an author.
• My perseverance will overcome any obstacles.
• My destiny is not dependent on the world, but rather dependent on me.
• I will gain confidence by conquering my fears.
• I have patience.
• I will never lose control of my emotions.
• When people in the publishing industry tell me what I did wrong, that is good; because it is the last time I will make that mistake.
• I am one day closer to being discovered.

You were born with a gift and a dream has been placed in your heart. Do not let a day go by without doing something as an author. Reading, writing, and marketing should be a part of your daily life.

Ron Knight

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