Saturday, October 30, 2010

CHAPTER TEN: Off topic...

And here we go again! If you have been following this blog you will find out in a hurry that I tend to go off topic every now and again. Times like these and my wonderful personality lend to rants and posts of funny and offensive materiel. Can you dig it?

The subject today has nothing to do with books, writing or anything like that. It is the time we all go out to trick or treat and send our children into the dark streets dressed as a witch or a hooker and sometimes as a killer. So fun is it not? Wait, you mean getting candy from random strangers as your pre teen wanders around in a skin tight outfit so the creepy neighbor guy can look at her legs is not cool? Really?

Come on people! When was it ok to buy a hooker outfit from wal mart? They can go with their boyfriend the pimp, maybe we should give out Meth and dookies as well! I am making pot brownies this year and hope to hang with some Jr. High girls out back, want to come over? No just send your kid.

The holiday is lame to start with and laced with nothing of value besides making the candy people a butt load of money and giving me the creeps.

But wait! This year it falls on a Sunday so every one around here is not only going out on Sunday night but did it last night, tonight and on Sunday! When was this a three day event? Does that mean I have to cook more brownies?

Fine, fine you think I am over reacting. That is just proof that I am smarter than you. If you as a 30+ mom wants to go to a party dressed as a sexy nurse and gross out everyone around you because of the way to much skin going on, be my guest. As for me, I might hide out on the roof and dump freezing water on some kids parents just for fun this year... because when they asked for a trick or a treat I just gave them the trick.


  1. Amen! We celebrated last night and that's it. My daughter was a musketeer and a fair princess. I'm not handing candy out on Sunday. I believe in it not only being a day of rest but a school night as well. I went to a party with my 9 yr old daughter tonight. When I arrive it's a joint coed party for two sisters. One 12 & one 9. The mother was very irritated that another mom and I chose to stay. I was going to anyways. I didn't know the lady but seeing the 13 yr olds sealed the deal.

  2. Great post!

    How about businesses? I always feel weird giving my paycheck to Strawberry Shortcake to deposit, or having Dracula give me my burger and fries.

    Yesterday Snow White served me pizza, I was amazed, she didn't look a day over 19 even though she was born back in 1902 according to Wikipedia.