Tuesday, October 19, 2010


Holy cow! What in the world have you been doing Aaron? I follow your blog and after you send down some cool posts you drop off the face of the map! What up?

"You know, I am as busy as a fly on day three. I mean I get up and it is go, go, go and crash at night and hope to get a chance to read something before I fall dead to the world in my huge bed."

Whatever... you just think you are all that with your books and the new Nook B&N so gave you and now you are all like cool and junk.

"Deal I got to go to a slam the other night and filter out the smoke with my body so what more do you want? I really think you need a life and quit jibing the poor blogger who needs rest in a bad way."

Sure, you just want to leave us all in the dark. eBook are going crazy and we all want to know how to take it to the streets but you wont tell us the secret. Just sit up there on your high hill...

"-Hold it... back up now. You want something? You want something I think is a must, a event you must attend? Give you a shred of hope? Fine. The Idaho Book Extravaganza, in Meridian Idaho this weekend. Be there and don't bother me."

Dude... you rock!

"Peace out man."


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  1. Speaking of ebooks, as you are the ebook guru :), you might be interested to see that a major publisher is completly skipping the print version of a book and going straight to ebook.

    Here's the link: