Monday, August 23, 2010

CHAPTER EIGHT: My head hurts...

I always get a headache when i go through a novel and get it ready for the printing process. 125k words and sitting for hours can make the old brain go to mush. I also am in the middle of a lively discussion on Facebook, it is fun and good to talk and think. Sometimes we believe something just because we always have.

This blog is not a single minded kind of thing. Most of this is my open thoughts and stuff I learned and maybe something I pass along might help someone else. That being said I want to say that if you do not agree with me that is fine. I do not require you to agree with me, this is after all my opinion... and you know what they say about them...

I get content from life experiences and other people and just from inside of my pea brain. It all gets put through the meat grinder and what comes out is this. Now if you think I might be talking to you or that something here is to a single person you are mistaken. I pull all sorts of things and sometimes seeing a kid scream in the store will spark a thought and a email will get it going again and by the time it is out here it came from many different places.

This comes from Rants mostly, they are more personal and not just info on writing but these are thoughts and ideas done tongue in cheek and if you know me you know I am a sarcastic person. If you want to tell me all about your leg and how it hurts or whine about your dog, give it a go.

This is after all the worst book ever!

Just so everyone is clear... I do not hate anyone... well, there is this one guy... never mind. Besides people like our beloved President (And I still pray for him)I think people are okay in general. Stupid most of the time but what do you do? I am part of this human race so I guess we are all in this together.

So here is to the home stretch... over half way there, soon this blog will be compiled into the worst book ever and the best of the years post's will be a part of one jumbled up book. I will have a lot of work to do to get it all to fit and to be put into some sort of semblance of order. Maybe subjects for chapters... that way the writing stuff can be in one and the e-book in another... something like that... any ideas?

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  1. You could have three main topics like...Rants...Ravings and Ideas....

    Then break them down into different subtexts within the subjects. Like the ideas could all be about writing and publishing

    The Rants could be Random thoughts.

    The Ravings could be the stuff you are most passionate about like your family.

    You asked...just the first thing that popped into my head and out my fingers.