Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Book Review of James Bond GOLDFINGER. By Ian Fleming

Every now and again I do what I call short, no fuss book reviews. Some of you like to read, I know imagine that! I find a good book to be a great way to down a bottle of wine or drown out a kid who just won't go to bed. So I am kicking it old school with this book I just finished. Good old James Bond.

If you like a mystery I say go for it, not like we don't all know what happens but it is well written and reading all the strange spellings back in the UK days is worth a few hours of your time. The thing I liked most about this book was how I learned something. Not just about craft, but about history. In-between the silly names of the hotties is some gold nuggets, yeah I just made that joke, sue me.

I say go out and read a classic thriller as the weather turns, you might find that you like the old ways best…and yes, I made that joke too.

Your reading fool, Aaron

Author Aaron Patterson: Blog: The Worst Book Ever.

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