Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Cuz I'm busy man! (My lame excuse for not blogging)

Writing, sleeping and movies.

The other day I was like, "I have a blog!" I forgot for some time and as life tends to get... Busy. So here is the update.

I got asked by Amazon to go to L.A. and be a part of their new product release deal... it was very fun, they flew me first class and I got to stay at Shutters which is right on the beach. I spent money, dined and got the star treatment. Not to mention I got to hang with some cool people.

From the mountains to New York I have been traveling and I love it! I like to see new places and be a part of this way to fun world of publishing. But I am back now, for a month or so and I have a few things in the hopper.

1st. A new serial called "The 'Naturals" that I am doing with Melody Carlson, Robin Parrish and K.C. Neal. It comes out October 15th so be on the lookout for more info on that amazing project. Long and short is season 1 has 20 episodes and will be released in four parts every three weeks. Meaning you get 1-4 5-8 and so on... got it?

2nd. I struck a deal on a co-authoring project with a wonderful editor and writer named Ellie Ann. You don't know her but by this time next year you will. She is amazing and talented. We are working on a new thriller series that will be a new line of fast reads with hard hitting action...and maybe even a little romance. =) The first book "Breaking Steele" will be out next month.

I have watched many of the Big Boyz in the biz and one thing most do is work with co-authors. It allows you to put out more content faster. This my friends is the name of the game. I figured it was not smart to wait till I was as big as Dean Koontz or James Patterson, why not do it now? So here it is. Breaking Steele is book 1 and will be written like a cable show. All connected but you can jump in at any time. Book 2 is Twisting Steele to come out in Feb-March. If all goes according to my evil little plan I will have just over 20 titles under my belt by this time next year.

3rd. I've created a few, now, not like that! You guys have dirty Baby boy is StoneHouse Lock. It is a pirate program that is about to go into beta. You can report them and track where your book is being hacked and much more. Not only that but we offer a ton of booty for all members of the club. If you want to be part of the beta go HERE to sign up. The main man on this project is a crazy smart geek cool dude named will meet him at a later date.

Baby girl is SandBox Ink. This is co-founded with AK Turner and is a children's picture book publishing house. We have Apps and other products for the little readers such as NUMBERS, SHAPES and so on. We should have 25-50 titles out by the end of the year and 200-500 next year. These are called SandBox Studies. I am super excited about this and I hope you are too.

4th and 5th. We are now working with CJ Lyons and Diane Capri on some projects. These ladies rock and flat out write! I will say more on this in a different post but wanted to show them off a little.

As you can see I have been really bored... haha

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